Seven reasons why you need to smile more

Seven reasons why you need to smile more
Photo: CC – Angelo Gonzalez (flickr)

By Raza Hasnain Naqvi

You must be thinking, ‘Is this guy serious or is he just poking me? Seven reasons why I need to smile more? Ya sure…’

Take it seriously or take it as a joke. But I want you to just try and guess how many times you smiled yesterday. Go on…three times…five times…seven times. If you say more than 10, then allow me to raise my eyebrows and even raise a toast in your honour. Really.

You are the happy-go-lucky, consciously optimistic, mentally strong, low tension-low pressure inspirational guy, with the wrinkle-free forehead who everyone should meet.

But I am not talking about such a guy here. I am talking about a person who is more like most of us. And most of us are people who get so busy in our personal, family, office or business matters, that we hardly smile, or maybe smile a couple of times or even forget to smile altogether in a stretch of 24 hours.

And most of us are also like walking and talking pressure cookers cooking up something that creates a fair amount of steam inside us on a daily basis. Important thing is, we seem to be waiting for just the right word, behaviour or action so that we can release all that hot steam building inside us with full force. How can a smile exist here.

You don’t believe me? Listen to your thoughts. They are all there. Thoughts of hurt, pain, confusion, self-doubt, selfishness, emptiness, pessimism, low confidence, violence and even thoughts of all imagined or real slights and insults that you experienced. They are all circling inside you in ‘Replay’ mode.

What happens as a result? You continue to get sucked into them daily. You are dragged and rolled around in the dark mud of all that mentally weakening negativity inside your mind. It’s difficult to get out of that mud. It’s difficult to breathe in and savor thoughts of love, kindness, contentment, peace, selflessness, service and all things good. So what do you then? Is there any hope?

I would say, ‘not much’.

What? And here, you should be saying to yourself, I read through so many words this guy gave me till this point and now he says, ‘not much’!

Well, I meant, there is some hope, not much.

And that hope lies in a smile. Your way out of the mud of negativity in your mind lies in remembering that you can still smile more on a daily basis. Moreover, you can smile your way out of the mud, slowly but surely, while frowns and forehead creases won’t make things any better.

To be more precise, here are the seven reasons you need to smile more.

1. Smile lights up your face: You know about this. I know you know. Your friends have commented that you look even better when you smile. Admit it. It does light up your face like no make-up or facial can. Best thing is, your face gets that highlight without any chemical – all natural. So, smile more.

2. Smile lights up your mind: Remember the mud that we were talking about in the beginning. Just insert the word ‘darkness’ for mud now. When you smile, your dark thoughts in the mind start running for cover. I assure you they can’t stand the light of your smile. A smile-lighted mind begins to become an enlightened mind, I say. So, smile more.

Try this out: Smile widely. Now think of some negative thought or gandi baat…What did you find? Is it easy to think negative when you have a broad smile on your face?

3. Smile lights up your heart: You might be feeling down, depressed, irritable or non-communicative. When you smile, doesn’t it make you feel a bit better? Your sad heart feels a touch of cheerfulness as soon as you smile. It makes you feel functional again. Your smile makes your heart want to get up from that lonely place it feels compelled to stay in and seek something better. Doesn’t it? So, smile more.

4. Smile lights up your environment: As soon as you smile, don’t you feel that there is some change in your environment. You feel closer to your family, friends, relatives and even strangers, if they are anywhere close to you and you are thinking about them. You immediately feel a decrease in negative vibes, if they are coming across to you from any of them. While smiling, you feel like you can still live well in your environment, when a few seconds back, you were frowning away at everything. So, smile more.

5. Smile fills you with energy: If you feel at any moment that your energy or battery power is going down, fill yourself up with 60 seconds of smile.

Try this out: Take a watch or stopwatch and smile to yourself, by timing yourself for 60 seconds. Now tell me that you still feel as tired or drained as you were 60 seconds back.

Is this a joke, you ask. No way. Try it. If it doesn’t work, just unfollow me on Twitter and FB and unsubscribe my blogposts. So, smile more.

6. Smile makes you desireable: Hold on, before you start smiling away on the road. I meant ‘desireable’ as in ‘likeable’, not as in ‘Sunny Leone/Leonardo Di Caprio desireable’. But if you find success in the Sunny/Leonardo factor too, as a result of your smile, good for you (BTW, do let me know via email how you managed it). So, yes, you get to be a pretty likeable person if you smile more than people around you. You emanate those nice, honest and trustworthy vibes that people can’t fail to ignore, when you smile your genuine smile. So, smile more.

7. Smile makes your world better: Yes, it does. Go back to point number 4 about the relation between smile and environment. Smile and you feel that the world is a nice place to live in. Frown and you’ll bear the tension and pressure that the world is ready to offload on you in an instant. You’ve already seen your newspapers, TV channels and internet websites shouting about the state of the world we live in. Try to continue to live in such a world without a smile and I have no idea how long you’ll live. But face the world with your wide-open sincere smile of gratitude and thankfulness and this courageous, heatwarming gesture of yours will make the world respond likewise, slowly but surely. That’s the secret. So, smile more. (BTW, I smiled more than 10 times today).

Parting thought: More offline smiles please, rather than online/sms smileys.

Quick Question: Are you ready to smile more now?

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  1. no rationing needed when one reads this piece… well written and it does make one smile more than once… and here comes the big one :D… loved it…

  2. sounds like something from the Reader’s Digest………….it’s quite good, but don’t you think it ought to be called ‘A smile-lighted mind is the road to an enlightened mind’

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