11 reasons to use a smartphone

D1 post-blogging

By Raza Hasnain Naqvi

I started using a 5-inch Android smartphone from January 17, 2014. It’s almost two months now that I have been exploring the world of a smartphone. Before that I was using my brother’s Nokia E71, which was fine for my limited use. But as Bradley Cooper might say, with regards to his film ‘Limitless’, “Once your eyes are opened, then your world is limitless.”

So, let me share with you 11 reasons why I use a smartphone.

1. Reading books: I like reading. But you know, after the book is read, it usually gathers dust somewhere. So, now I am reading books on my smartphone. I don’t miss the printed page. E-reading is comfortable. I downloaded the Kindle app, bought three books from Amazon and have finished reading one. I am also reading ebooks available on PDF.

2. Browsing websites and blogs: Browsing the Net on my smartphone on this screen size is comfortable. Most websites are optimised for mobile, which means, you can double-tap the screen and the text can expand to your comfort level. You just scroll down, without having to go sideaways.

3. Save pages for offline reading: Often, when I am browsing a page on my smartphone, I don’t bookmark it, I simply use the option ‘Save page for offline reading’.

 4. Saving wallpaper pics: I also keep saving screenshots of interesting images that I come across on flickr, instagram, whatsapp and google images. I select them, do a simple crop and then transfer it to an Android app for wallpaper. Whenever I unlock my smartphone, this app changes the wallpaper.

5. Listening to podcasts: Recently I have got into listening to podcasts by different speakers. If I am not in the mood to read anything or simple can’t read, then I just listen to the audio that I have downloaded on different topics. I usually listen to a few minutes of podcast before sleeping.

6. Checking mail and attachments: It’s quite easy to read email on a larger screen smartphone. I keep checking them and replying when required. For attachments, I downloaded Adobe reader for android and I am now able to read PDF attachments too.

7. Scanning documents: I have found another good use of my smartphone. I use it to scan documents. I got the integrated camscanner app on it and ever since I am merrily using it to scan whatever I want.

8. Taking notes: I like jotting down things, so with this smartphone I have downloaded two note-taking apps. One app for reminders and the other is the well-known ‘Evernote’ app, which I use for noting my daily activities which I sync.

9. Ease in social media: Since I do have a social media presence, I find that a smartphone is quite helpful here. I use Hootsuite, which connects my twitter and facebook account seamlessly. I don’t need to login to twitter and then login to facebook. I can easily send and check tweets and update my posts at the same place easily.

10. Clicking better pics: Having a smartphone means that the camera is better than average and I seem to click better photos. My smartphone gives me 8 mp rear power and 2 mp front power. I do share my selfies and pics via Instagram, facebook and twitter.

11. Adding notes on called numbers: I am using my smartphone to also log notes in contacts section of phone numbers. So, if I had a chat on a particular number and I want to write something important, then I use the Note section on that number to do it.

Also, if your phone’s Bluetooth is switched on somewhere near me, you might find one name on the list of visible devices: Pana nana. That’s the name of my smartphone.

Parting thought: Is my smartphone smarter than me?


Raza likes to share snippets of his life observations and life experiences through his writings. This blogpost is the Day-1 post of his 15-day trial of daily blogging. Besides his social media footprints on twitter, facebook, instagram and Google+, he can also be reached on his email: bylineraza[at]gmail[dot]com

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  1. interesting to read how you have started exploring the world of a smartphone. But at times, it gives immense pleasure to not get bogged down by technology, but instead, just cut off and be one with the nature. Nonetheless, technology always is a boon… btw, u need to be more active on IG as well.. 🙂

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