Are you ready for the Great Indian Election?

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) for Indian General Election 2014
Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)

By Raza Hasnain Naqvi

Yes, I am really keen to know whether your mind is ready to face the impact of the Great Indian Election-2014. If you are living some place where you don’t get TV, mobile or internet signal and newspaper copies are not available, then let me inform you that The Election is knocking on your door. (By the way, are you really living in such a place? Shake your head vigorously, or I’ll label you a ‘misfit’, ‘outlaw’ or ‘sadhu’.)

Now, I want to understand, not very deeply though, whether you have made a choice for your Great Indian Vote.

What? Are you trying to tell me that you may or may not press that blue voting button on the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) on that fateful voting day in your locality?

Quick Facts

Well, before I comment on that, allow me to give you some quick facts about the Great Indian Election.

* Indian General Election 2014 starts from 7th April and ends on 12th May.

* This election will be conducted in nine phases in all 543 Parliamentary constituencies of India.

* Once this election is over, you will find yourself staring at 543 new Members of Parliament who will raise your voice and issues (fingers crossed) in that haloed temple of Indian democracy – Parliament House in New Delhi.

* If you reside in my city Lucknow, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, then you get the privilege to cast your vote in the seventh phase of polling on Wednesday, 30th April, 2014.

* Counting of your votes (courtesy the cute EVM machine that you may/may not have used), will be done on Friday, 16th May, 2014. Results will be channelled and drilled into you the same day.

* To those of us, who come in the category of self-designated Educated/Intellectual/Know-it-all class, who have never cast their Vote or who have decided never to cast their Vote in an election, I say: “Rejoice my people. I bring you glad tidings. I bring you NOTA.”

* NOTA is an acronym for ‘None Of The Above’. Now, if you don’t like elections, don’t like the candidates, don’t like democracy, don’t like all this tamasha…and for all your other justified reasons, you can now press the NOTA option button on that cute EVM in your locality, after getting your finger inked of course. On polling day, you too can happily show your finger (the inked one, of course) at all those eager-over-the-top-please-vote category of self-righteous people.

* Once this General Election is over, the 16th Lok Sabha will have been constituted from June 1, 2014 on the basis of around 814 million eligible votes of people like or unlike you and me.

At this point, I feel I have given you enough snacks for thought here. Munch on them and if you have time, pass the snacks please.

Parting Question: Whether you like it or not, the Great Indian Election is knocking insistently on your door. You need to get up, open the door and respond. Will you?


Raza likes to share snippets of his life experiences and observations through his writings. This blogpost is the Day-2 post of his 15-day trial of daily blogging. Besides his social media footprints on twitter, facebook, instagram and Google+, he can also be reached on his email: bylineraza[at]gmail[dot]com

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