The role model dilemma

The role model dilemma (Day 5 post of #15daytrial of daily blogging)

Photo: David Shankbone (Wikimedia Commons)

By Raza Hasnain Naqvi

Once upon a time there was a struggling painter called Zumaya. He was a great fan of the famous painter Aruka. Zumaya managed to get photographs of Aruka’s paintings and tried to paint like him. But he was always frustrated that he couldn’t paint like Aruka. Try as he might, his paint brush strokes never came close to Aruka’s art. His own paintings weren’t selling, so he worked in a stable looking after horses in order to earn a living.

Zumaya aspired to be like Aruka, who had become a role model for him. He admired him and wanted to be like him. One day he saw Aruka standing with the owner of the stable, near a horse. Zumaya rushed to him and fell at his feet. A surprised Aruka asked him to get up and introduce himself. Zumaya did so and then told Aruka about his fascination for Aruka’s paintings and how much he admired him and wanted to paint like him.

“Help me, guide me, O Great Aruka!” pleaded Zumaya, expecting that surely he would get wonderful painting tips from him. Aruka looked at him for a few seconds and then started walking away. After a few steps, he turned back and said, “Find your own strokes and one day you will be better than Aruka.”

Do you have a role model?

Not many among us have a role model who inspires us and makes us want to be like him/her. Those of us, who do have a role model, most often we don’t declare that fact openly. We prefer to keep it quiet, while we try and do our bit to attempt to achieve what our role model has achieved.

We attempt to follow on the footsteps of our role model in hopes that one day we too will come somewhere close to his accomplishments. But what happens, when, by some chance, you come face to face with your cherished role model? Does that chance meeting turn out the way you had dared to dream?

Most of the time, when that dream meeting is over, you will find that your awed appreciation has been replaced by a plain fact. That plain fact is: Your role model is just another normal human being. On closer inspection, you may also have observed that your role model has the same insecurities, disappointments, fears, hopes and motivations that you have.

So, where does that leave you? You are left to your own devices. You are left to searching your own way forward. But, you can still continue to aspire for the awards and honour that your role model was granted. The only difference is that now you will have to clear the path out of the jungle using your own intellect, motivation and wisdom.

Isn’t this exactly what your role model did during his own journey to success?

Look inside yourself and you will find your true role model smiling at you, in the hope that you will listen to him one day.

Parting Question: Are you ready to choose your role model wisely?


Raza likes to share snippets of his life experiences and observations through his writings. This blogpost is the Day-5 post of his 15-day trial of daily blogging. Besides his social media footprints on twitterfacebookinstagram and Google+, he can also be reached on his email: bylineraza[at]gmail[dot]com


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