SM-1 Three #socialmedia tips for #smallbusiness owners

By Raza Hasnain Naqvi

Social media has made its strong presence felt in the digital landscape. Besides big businesses, even small businesses are taking to it eagerly. However, for some reason, there are still many small businesses that are not paying correct attention to the finer points of using social media effectively.

Social media, small business

Here are my three top #socialmediamarketing tips that will help in this regard:

  1. LINK IT: Dear #smallbiz owner, the company that made your website has done a good job. Besides, creating relevant pages to showcase what your business stands for and highlight your top products, they have added social media buttons too. Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/LinkedIn and others are all there on your business website. But there’s a small hitch. They seem to have forgotten one thing. They have forgotten to link it! There is no link on the social buttons! This is unforgivable. I advise you to personally check whether those important social buttons are working in the first place. If not, then your number one priority is: Get your social buttons on the website linked to relevant social platforms pronto!

2. POST CONTENT: Dear #smallbusiness owner, if you don’t have the time from your pressing business administrative needs or the desire, kindly depute someone knowledgeable to post content regularly on your social media platforms. If you can afford it, hire a social media consultant to do this work. This will be even better. He will get your business message across on different social channels more effectively.

3. ENGAGE EAGERLY: Dear #smallbusiness owner, once you have taken care of the first two points, soon enough you will be told something. You will get to hear that people – your prospective customers – are asking things on your social media platforms. What do you do then? What you do is: Once you have people Liking/Sharing/Favouriting/Retweeting/Commenting on your posted content, now please engage eagerly with them. Communicate your thoughts with them and answer their queries. Don’t let it be just a one-way monologue of a classroom or college on your social platforms. Make it a dialogue please!

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