My Open Letter to Online Content Writers

By Raza Hasnain Naqvi

Dear Online Content Writers,

First of all kindly accept my heartfelt thanks for creating all the wonderful content that you share on your blogs and websites. I like what you write and I share it on my social networks.

Since I read a lot of your online content, I have developed a certain liking for a particular style of online writing and its online presentation.

As online content writers, you write passionately about topics that you feel are important and relevant for your audience.

I am that audience, along with many others like me.

Since you write for me, allow me to share with you a few points about your writing that make an impact on me and even fail to make an impact on me.

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Image: Wikimedia Commons


1. FOCUS: I like that you put your most important points as sub-heads and then you explain those points. This shows your focus on the topic that you are writing.

2. KEYWORDS: I understand that you are a very experienced writer. I am sure you are doing keyword-focused articles. That’s great. I like that my mind won’t have to grapple with any off-topics on your article.

3. THOUGHTFUL: While reading your content, I get the feeling that you cover all the important pros and cons of the topic. This way I get the big picture. You are thoughtful in your effort.

4. IN-LINKS: I keep coming across words that are hyper-linked in your articles. These are in-links to your other related articles on the blog or website. They are clickable and you make it clear what topic I will get to read when I click on them. I do click on them to read more if I am so inclined.

5. SHARING: I also find in your content article that you specially select and highlight important short sentences that I can share and tweet directly to my social networks like Twitter. I do like tweeting your selected content if it resonates with me. 


1. BIG INTRODUCTION: I want to dive into your online content immediately after reading your enticing headline. I want to know the important points quickly. I don’t want to read a six line introduction to your topic. I am impatient at this point.

2. BIG PARAGRAPHS: I want to go across your valuable content quickly. Most of the time, I don’t read each word that you have written. My eyes are quickly scanning your content to take in the best points. Big paragraphs of 5-6 lines slow down my speed. I often ignore such paragraphs.

3. BIG ARTICLE: As I said, I am a busy person. There are 10-15 other articles of great content that have been written by you guys. I want to read them all and share them. Problem is, I only have 15-20 minutes at my disposal at a stretch, before offline life kicks in. If its a big article, I have to save your content link to read later. I never read later. I prefer short 500-word articles to content of 1500-words.

Hope I was able to reach out to you guys with these thoughts.

Thanks again for your creativity, earnestness and effort in creating great content for all of us.


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Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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