How to make 2015 my most memorable year so far

As I begin to write this post on the 1st day of January, 2015 sitting in a room, I can see and hear the drops of rain outside my window. Yes, it is raining here in my city on the first day of the New Year. 2014 has gone by. I can barely hear its cacophony mixed with sighs, laughs, snores, shouts and melodious music. 2014 seems so yesterday today.

Happy New Year 2015

And the rain outside makes me feel as if the God in the Heavens also wants everyone to start their year with a water-cleaned slate. Its like no smudges and stains of the past year should be there in our slate of consciousness. The rain drops seem to pitter and patter outside as if chattering happily to themselves that human life can now be assembled and built again for the next 365 days on a new foundation. A foundation built on mutual love, trust, respect, harmony and vision can heal humans and humanity that has suffered much in 2014.

On a personal level, I think this is the first time that I am actually thinking about the New Year with some level of focus. All these years, the first day of the New Year would naturally lift my spirit and make me think about all the wonderful things that could happen in my life.

Two weeks on and I would find myself slipping back into the tired, jaded, thoroughly used up mindset of the previous year. It was like I would pick up the same old stained mind of the 31st December of the previous year and put it on my head. And despite being given a new mind on January 1, I would slowly let that new mind filled with energetic thoughts slip away from my head and fall to the ground. Then, with a stern smile I would get that anxious, troubled, nervousness filled mind back out of the dark closet and put it grimly on my head. Why? Well, it felt nice and worn and I seemed to be comfortable in it, even though I didn’t feel too happy or good carrying it on my head.

That has been the state of my mind for the past so many years. But at the start of this year, I caught myself feeling surprised at the thought that crept up to me and whispered: “You have this wonderful bounty of 365 days. You have so many thousands of hours this year, yet again. Don’t you think you can fill these hours with more joy and happiness with your actions on a daily basis?”

To tell you the truth, I smiled at this question, but quickly suppressed the smile. This thought keeps coming back to me — How to make 2015 my most memorable year so far?

Imagine that each day equals one million dollars. Now, imagine that someone tells me that someone has deposited 365 million dollars in my bank account for my personal use, as I see fit for the whole year. Can you imagine how happy I would be? Imagine how happy you would be if someone told you this happy news that you have a million dollars to spend daily, as you wish in 2015.

I think this is how I should think of each new set of 24 hours available to me daily in this New Year. To fill these hours with such conscious thought and action, that the resultant minutes bring smile, joy, happiness, satisfaction and internal peace to me daily. But I wonder here (and this is my old 2014 mentality raising a persistent thought), what if my moments are wasted, maybe filled with the opposite of what I cherish and would love to experience, then what?

So what! I just have to remember to be acutely aware. Yes, I have to remember to be intensely aware in 2015 that even if my present moment or minute is filled with things that I would gladly forget, yet there is always the next second, the next minute, the next hour that I can pick myself up, dust my clothes and begin walking forward again in search of a better moment. Don’t I have this choice, at all times?

I do have this choice. I do have the next million dollars in the form of my new proverbial 24 hours that I get every morning when I wake up. Even if I didn’t spend my previous day’s million dollars properly, I can still spend my new stash of one million dollars nicely today, can’t I?

Indeed, I think going forward from this day onward in 2015, that is the only freedom I have. The freedom of choice — to spend my minutes gainfully, happily, satisfactorily and keep my mind, heart and soul bonded in harmony with each other.

This is how I can make 2015 my most memorable year so far.

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