Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Work

I was just sitting around with a blank mind in my room, when suddenly a thought struck me. Why does Mark Zuckerberg work?

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, as we all know, is the Facebook founder. And Facebook as we all know is something most of us use daily. Let me just say that maybe about 50% of the world uses it.

This is just a fact out of the top of my mind. So, maybe I am just hitting the air here. The point is, basically almost everyone you know has used Facebook. You also know that Mark Zuckerberg is fluent in Chinese. Yes, he is fluent in Chinese. He wants the Chinese population also to use Facebook and they are using it. He did make a presentation in front of the Chinese media and influencers in Mandarin. So, you see, he is pretty committed.

Why do you work?

The point of this blogpost is why does Mark Zuckerberg have to work. Think about it. Think about why do you work? That is, if you are working and you are not studying in a school or college. Why do you work? I think the primary reason that you and I work is to get our daily bread and butter. So, we want to work because we want to get our primary bread and butter. And hopefully, all things said and done, we do it because we feel that maybe, we are doing something worthwhile for the family and maybe that results in something worthwhile for the society too.

Point is again, we work because we want some kind of money in order to have a decent life. That’s why you and I, most of us, we work. Hopefully, we work at something which makes sense and is not completely senseless. And that’s all really.

Work routine

So the thing is, once we do something that makes sense and is not completely non-sensical then well, we get up in the morning, go to the office and do whatever we need to do. Once that is done, we come back home. We do our 9-to-5 routine, most of us and then we come back and be with our family, spend time with them and then its morning again. Next, we find it is evening again and time to go home.

So, this whole routine that keeps us going, for what purpose? At the very core  – money. We work for money. I work for money. Now think, why does Mark Zuckerberg work?

The billionaire guy

Gosh, the guy’s a billionaire. Mark’s company Facebook is worth billions. Right? Now why does he have to work?

Consider this. He doesn’t need to. He has already got enough shares in the company. Say by tomorrow, or by today evening, he says, I am no longer going to work and he stops going to office, what’s the most that happens? Well, his company Facebook still goes on. He leaves Facebook, but his company is in capable hands and he has enough money that he can live may be 10 lifetimes like a Saudi Sheikh. Yes, he can live that kind of a life. He doesn’t need to work. He doesn’t, really. So, why does he work? Think about it.

Creating something valuable

According to my understanding and I guess if you think about it, maybe you too will come to this understanding, Mark Zuckerberg works for some of these reasons.

Mark Zuckerberg

First, Mark feels happy creating something valuable. Second, he wants to feel that he is valuable. Third, he has got all this money because he made a product that was considered valuable by many. And as a result he is rolling in the money. Yes, he works and gets up in the morning daily. He has the whole board of Facebook directors to consider, to fight, to argue with, his whole management team to argue with, the press to argue with and even Facebook users to handle.

He does it all daily because he believes in something. He believes that his product is making life better for many. This is just my understanding. He works because he believes in his product and he wants to make it better on an ongoing basis. Because, you know that saying, even the best can be made better. So, if you talk about, just of argument’s sake, if you say Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms and of course, there’s no argument there, it is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world today. I am not saying it is the best. I am just saying it is one of the biggest. So, even the biggest can be made better on a daily basis. So, that’s what he is trying to do. He has put so much of effort into building something that gives him a sense of worth and that makes him want to make it better.

Just another billionaire?

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t really need to work. He can easily live the life of a Saudi Sheikh. But gradually, he would just find that his focused mind is all scattered away in useless short-term happiness pursuits. He would become just another playboy, just another billionaire.

But the fact is, he is not just another billionaire. He is a billionaire who is not living on his money. He is living on his ideals, maybe. He is living on the thought that has gone behind his ideals. He wants to build on that thought. He wants to build a foundation that is strong enough to make a wide impact around the globe, which is what Facebook is already doing. He is just trying to make it even better. So, this is why I think Mark Zuckerberg is going to work daily. So that he continues to remain excitingly useful and not turn into just another boring billionaire. That’s it.

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