Step Into The Business of Freedom

There’s something about business that attracts, like a small child running after a butterfly. Businessmen seem so confident and even powerful. Get a high-title wielding employee of a large MNC to stand with an average established businessman and click their photograph. You’ll spot the difference in the body language, most of the time. The employee might not look as casual as the businessman, while the businessman would have an air of certainty, an air of freedom.

business of freedom

I guess that’s the first perk of being in business for yourself. You know that finally your destiny lies in your hands and mind. Whatever effort you release into the universe, it directly builds your business. More specifically, here are a few reasons to step into business that, at the very least, grants you freedom.

1. Fire your clients: While in business, you are free to choose to work with anyone who is desirous of utilising your services. You don’t have to stick with any client, who you don’t want to do business with. You can fire them, at will. That’s freedom.

2. Equality becomes priority: There are no bosses to answer to, only clients to satisfy. Both you, the service-provider and the service-buyer, who is the client are on equal footing. As long as the fund flow for the project is smooth on behalf of the client, then it becomes a win-win for both. That’s freedom.

3. Pride of building your own thing: In business you have the pride of building your own creation, without any unnecessary hiccups or interruptions. There’s pride in the fact that what you have created is giving genuine happiness to the client, who is the consumer of your creation. That’s freedom.

4. Become an expert: Once you get into business, then you get into an enabling role. That is, you assume the role of guiding people towards the best that you can offer in your field of expertise. You enable them to choose you, based on your superior quality of demonstrated service. You are understood to be some kind of an expert. That’s freedom.

5. Source of inspiration: As you become successful in your business, slowly but surely, your invisible fan following grows. Though there may not be many who would come to you and offer words of praise for your commendable success, yet they will be there watching you. There would be quite of a few among them who would even consider you an inspiration. They would perhaps love to follow in your footsteps and some among them might just come to you for guidance. That’s freedom.

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