Two Reasons Why I am Researching Cloud Storage Options

Sometimes I am confused. Is the offline world better or online?

At times, I go one way, at other times, I tilt the other way.


Offline, it’s such a relief when we can imagine the ideal life and have our head in the cloud, so to say.

But now, that cloud has become more than that pleasant fluff of cotton that we see in the sky.

That cloud has a different meaning now for Netizens β€” citizens of the Net. The meaning of ‘cloud’ now points to computers and more specifically a collection of gigantic computers, sitting in some part of the world, literally carrying inside them bits and bytes of the whole world.

Yes, we are all surrounded by bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes and the latest petabytes. These are all digital terms associated with all kinds of data.

From one end of ‘bits’ to the current trending extreme of ‘petabytes’, humanity is being compressed into the framework of the digital world. Photos, videos, documents β€” all of them are being created endlessly for our consumption and then left on some device – PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

And when you move away from the business world into the personal space, then all this data becomes critical for the individual. His life, memories in photographs and critical documents are all he has as proof to himself that he has lived on Planet Earth.

Question to you now, dear reader is: How do you keep all this personal data safe?

Let’s not discuss business data here and stick to the personal element here.

Now, here I stand before you with all my private, personal data swirling around me. Of course, I have taken steps towards using the only option available. I stored all my data into external hard drives. But now there is a problem.

Here are my two reasons, why I finally decided that I needed to find if there were better options to keep my personal life in safer hands.

And then, in doing so, I came across cloud storage.

1. WHERE TO STORE: A significant part of my life is stored in external hard drives (500 GB + 1 TB), desktop (500 GB), laptop (500 GB), tablet (16 GB) and smartphone (16 GB). Total data of about 2.5 TB (terabytes). Now what do I do?

My desktop is 40% full; laptop is 95% full; tablet is 40% full and smartphone is 60% full. And I continue to generate more content on a daily basis. Isn’t there anybody to stop me doing this to myself?

I mean, you too have lots of data, don’t you? You too store it in external hard drives, once you’ve used up all space on the internal hard disk drives (HDDs). So, you buy another and then another and then it goes on. All that precious data gathering away in an external place. You sure you have stored it properly? Hopefully, it is safe from all kinds of disasters isn’t it?

But, I am sure somebody also told you this fact that every 1.75 seconds, one hard disk drive crashes in some part of the world.

That’s my problem number one and why I started reading up on cloud storage options. Whether storing all my personal data online is a good option or not, is my prime objective currently.

2. TIME SUCK: I have to know what data I have kept in which HDD. And since I can’t remember that far back, I have to keep searching it on both my external HDDs and my other devices, till I do find what data I want.

Yes, it takes time and I have to plug and unplug and open countless folders, but I do manage to find it, or not.

And, this is my problem number two and why I started researching online storage options. Enough of wasting time. I want my data at the click/touch of a button/icon. Not unending clicks. Its irritating having to constantly search and then find it after spending many precious minutes.

So, now that I feel I am close to finding my perfect cloud storage option, I am beginning to breathe easy.

I praise the unseen lord. I am even maybe beginning to sing a hymn or two to the Lord of the online world that this dilemma of mine seems to be coming to an end.

I sincerely hope that in my search, you too may find your pot of data storage gold.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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