Listen To Your Restless Mind

When was the last time you paid attention to some particular group of thoughts that have kept swirling in your mind daily for the past, maybe, one month? The duration could be more or less, but the point is, in every individual there are some collections of thoughts that keep repeating themselves on a daily basis regularly.

There are maybe 101 kinds of thoughts that you keep thinking every day, right from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Question is, why are some particular thoughts more dominant in your mind, doing their best to get your attention? Let me go ahead and say that these thoughts are forcing themselves on your consciousness for some reason. Allow me to tell you that maybe these particular insistent thoughts have originated from the depth of your proverbial soul to show you some light. Yes, I know, the word ‘light’ sounds a bit philosophical here, not too practical, but b
ear with me.

Question is, why are some particular thoughts more dominant in your mind, doing their best to get your attention?mind

We go about our life on auto-mode doing what needs to be done – our daily chores, our family responsibilities, studies, work, business, social obligations and such other things. When we come in this auto-mode of existence, then that something called ‘the light’, ‘the soul’, ‘the internal compass’ or ‘the pure guide’ – call it what you may, it begins to tell you that you need to really live and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually in this life, not just breathe and exist.

This ‘internal compass’ then begins to nudge you forward daily with certain thoughts. It tells you that you really need to do‘this’, you really need to do ‘that’, why haven’t you done ‘this’ yet and why are you postponing‘that’. These are your collective insistent, silent thoughts in your restless mind trying to nudge, push and shove you somewhere, urging you take some needed action.

Question is: Are you taking even five minutes out to stay still and listen to the call of these voices echoing inside you for quite some time now? 🙂

Published by Raza

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