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What Do You Become

There is something about life. It can take you in any direction you want. You can choose to be anything you want. You can reach for anything that you wish for and get it for yourself. As elders, life philosophers, success experts and your knowledgeable friend would say — you just apply yourself with concentration and indomitable will and you will get there where you really want to be.

In reality, the bigger narrative of your life is that it keeps nagging you to become something bigger inside, not just outside.



True and I agree. But let me take you to the next level now. Let’s imagine that you have achieved what you want or you are in the process of achieving what you want. Now what happens? You feel good don’t you that you got what you wanted. You feel happy that “Yes” you got it! You even feel as if you are floating on air as you experience that blast of great sense of achievement inside yourself.

How long does this last? How long does your happiness and great feeling last till it becomes something less exciting, maybe. So, what’s happening here?

Think about it. What’s happening is that there is this constant itching inside, or even that nagging feeling that something else needs to be achieved now. Probably something bigger or better needs to be done. You feel this inside yourself. You have these internal conversations with yourself as thoughts go racing up and down and sideways inside your brain pushing your existence here on Earth…to do more.

In reality, the bigger narrative of your life is that it keeps nagging you to become something bigger inside, not just outside. Your beating heart and your Self keeps prodding you to become a better, happier and more fulfilled person inside your mind, your thoughts and your heart.

The truth remains that What You Become as a result of all your achievements, your riches, your power, your sense of compassion, your happiness and reverse of all this, is what finally matters.

After all, when your time is nearing the end here on this planet, your Self will be the only one asking you this question again and again: What Have You Become as a result of all your experiences here on Planet Earth?


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