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Find Your Happy Space

There is much that you can do when your mind is at peace. When there are no conflicting pulls and pressures driving you one way one moment and the other way the next moment, then it is the proverbial smooth sailing for you. You tackle tasks with a smile and the tasks get completed quickly.

What happens when the situation is reverse and there is a silent war going on inside your head pushing you to choose sides? I can assure you that is not a happy place to be in.


Your decision to take some needed action that you seem to know has to be taken, which you have not taken so far, will be the turning point that will help you to brave the storm.

Thing is, most of the time we face rough weather and choppy seas inside. We try to steer our ship of existence plowing through our mental ocean that is agitated and in turmoil. I may be exaggerating here a bit, but there is the fact that Zen-like peace eludes most of us. Since too many of us are not into daily physical exercise, we can safely say that practicing meditation is not number one on our to-do list – maybe it lies somewhere at number 35.

Now that meditation is not an option that you choose to calm the high emotional waves threatening to submerge you, what do you do to save the ship and steer it to calmer waters?

For starters, you hold the steering wheel with all your strength. Let the waves crash on to the deck in front of you and lash you from the sides. You stand firm and grip the wheel hard. This toughness has to come from the knowing that the Maker of your ship has made it of strong material and that after a time, the waves will subside. Your ship will see a calm and peaceful ocean again.

But till that time comes, the only thing that needs to be done at your end is to take all necessary action possible to steer your ship, amid thunder and lightning.

Your decision to take some needed action that you seem to know has to be taken, which you have not taken so far, will be the turning point that will help you to brave the storm.

Once you start turning the wheel of your ship purposefully and point it in the direction of your internal compass, your rocking ship will start inching its way out of the storm. All clouds of doubt will then fade away and from the depths of your deepest self, bright rays of hope, optimism and sunshine will emanate out of you.

This would be a really happy space to be in.


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