What Are You Talking About

Humans talk. We talk so much like there’s no tomorrow. I talk, you talk, all of us talk on all kinds of subjects under the sun, the moon and the universe combined. Yes, we talk because we have things to say, because we need to explain things, because we need to express ourselves to the listener. But we also talk, when we don’t really need to talk. Often, we talk to avoid silences that might occur if we stopped talking.


I know that you know that talking and conversation are two different things. Talking is use of words for the sake of using words to say things. Conversation is use of words to express emotions and feelings. Talking is surface talk, while conversation goes deeper.

My point is what happens when the talking is over and the conversation has come to a pause. How do you feel then? You could feel nothing, or feel something, or feel good, irritated, happy, sad, indignant, angry or even be just plain thoughtful.

I know all of you lead busy lives. Your life at home, at work, in school or college, in social circles and when you are with yourself — all of it requires investment of your precious time. After all, you have only so much time that you can give to things before the clock strikes 11 pm and starts pushing you to sleep. You would agree that the maximum chunk of that time investment of the past 24 hours was in your necessary action of talking and saying things.

My point is what happens when the talking is over and the conversation has come to a pause. How do you feel then?

What would you say if I urge you to do something a bit more consciously and purposefully with your daily talks?

What if you could begin to start ending your daily talks and conversations on some small positive note? Nothing dramatic, just something that leaves you and the listener feeling a touch better.

Yes, this task is not easy because we don’t do this much. But once we start doing this consciously and often, then don’t you think that doing so will uplift spirits around us?

There’s enough news everywhere to demoralise and deflate our spirits. How about we take charge and consciously spread some good cheer after we are done talking about anything!

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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