Why do you consume so much?

Yes, this is my question of the day for you. Why are you so much into consuming things? And I am not talking about physical tangible things. What I am referring to are things that impact your mind.


Right from the time you open your eyes in the morning, before you know it, you have unconsciously checked your mobile phone for any messages or calls. Yes, you did it unconsciously, because now this has become such a habit with you that you do it without a second thought.

So, your morning starts with your eyes glued and maybe feasting on messages that have quietly arrived on your phone. You smile, get irritated or have no reaction after the morning mental diet of these messages and then you go about your morning routine. You have tasted and consumed the first bits of something that will stay with you for quite a few hours in the day, before something more insistent drags your mind to it.

Then you might scan the newspaper maybe, if you have time. And soon enough, when you get the first whiff of free time from your household chores, your work, your study place, you get back to quickly checking and replying to your phone messages again. Of course, then the mandatory checking of your social media accounts, primarily Facebook also happens.

And if you are really into some topic, then you click that online link on your mobile internet or desktop to browse through some website. This completes your next bigger phase of consumption during the later part of the day, after the first bit-sized tasting that you do first thing in the morning. When the evening comes, it’s the TV that most of you devour hungrily.

You taste, eat and mentally consume so much on a daily basis. I am not saying this is wrong, but I do have something else that I would like to ask you.

How much time do you spend actually creating something every day?

How much time do you spend actually creating something every day? You can create any small thing that you wish. You can create anything that you fancy, with the only rule being that You Create Something Meaningful.

Don’t you feel once you create something that is meaningful to you it will add some vitality to your daily living? You might consider craft, painting, writing, gardening, some new how-to-do-it solution — as you long as you create something.

Creation brings something unique to this world. Since each of you is a unique person with unique ideas floating in your mind, just imagine how much happiness your new creation could give to you and those around you, however small it may be.

So, To consume or To create, that is the question.

You decide.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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