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Before you assume it


“I thought you were my friend!”
“I thought you had done it!”
“I thought you were going to do it!”
“I thought we were going there!”
“I thought you loved me!”

You saw what happened in the above statements? There is shock, disbelief and irritation. Something has happened that was least expected. You get so surprised.


There are two words that are common in all the above statements — “I thought”.

There’s a research that says that each human being thinks about 64,000 thoughts daily. Yes indeed, you think so much. But tell me something. Despite your ability to think so much, how did you come to the point that you were forced to utter one or the other variation of the above mentioned statements?

What I am saying is pretty simple. Always Ask.

Never ever assume something. In fact, never assume anything.

More often than not, your assumption about something is definitely not how things are. They may be just the opposite.

For some reason, we humans are wired into assuming something quickly without any proof or due diligence on our part. Sooner or later, when the harsh truth makes its presence felt in front of us, we crumble in front of it.

For some reason, we humans are wired into assuming something quickly without any proof or due diligence on our part.

When we come to our senses, we do something even more disappointing. We play the blame game and try to convince ourselves that the next person or thing was at fault. Are you sure?

Whether you are a lover, a friend, a boss, an employee, a student, an acquaintance, a spouse, a relative of someone or bear any other society label — whenever you are playing any of these roles, take care. Never assume that what you know about something or someone is how things are. To be sure, always ask.

This is not easy. But hey, if you don’t want to be embarrassed, shocked, driven to disbelief and irritation, then you got to ask.

The truth will open your eyes and just maybe, set you free.


2 comments on “Before you assume it

  1. Sayeed
    February 6, 2016

    Good point made but even the inquiry and asking about may be misleading sometimes…😊😊

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