Change your mental level

Do you remember your first day in school?

I mean, can you really go so far back in your mind and remember seeing your first school right there in front of you? If you can, allow me to first congratulate your elephantine memory. 🙂


I have some flashes of hazy memory of how my school looked where I studied in Class III, but nothing before that point. Yes, my parents do remember my first school. They took me there, didn’t they? 🙂

You too were taken to your first school, perhaps unwillingly on your part and handed over to some teacher. She took your hand and you followed her with eyes full of wonder, even tears, to your first official class. That was your Day 1 of entering a room where you would learn bookish things that would add to your small collection of thoughts swirling in your still brand new mind.

May I ask why you were taken to a school? You could just as well have stayed at home the whole day and continued to do your regular kiddy thing there. But just after maybe 2-3 years of your arrival here on Planet Earth, your parents or guardian decided that you had to go to school.

It was some years later that you understood the reason. This reason was enveloped in one word — Education. This word was the guiding light for all the effort that your parents made during your early years of existence. Your young mind would not have understood it at that time. But your parents knew enough to understand that your young dynamic mind needed new factual inputs from newer fields of knowledge that would be useful to you in some way.

They did their bit, you got your education. You studied and most of you graduated from school and college and then left the nest, so to say.

So many years of effort were spent on your part and on the part of your parents or guardian for just one important thing — Change in your mental level.

With each class examination that you passed in school, your mental level changed. You carried on learning more. By the time, you left school having successfully passed Class XII, your mind had reached a much higher level, than what it was when you had passed Class V. Best thing was there was regular mental progression in your younger years.

But something happened when you left college and took on life. You stopped reading.

Books disappeared from your life. Your mind that got so much from authors of books in school and college stopped getting new input. Your mental level began to stagnate. Your life began to stagnate.

Am I saying that reading good books daily give vitality to your life? Yes.

Am I saying that just reading good books daily give vitality to your life? No.

What I am saying is reading good books daily is a good start.

It is a good start towards achieving something else — Bringing change in your mental level.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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