Your mind makes money

Money makes the world go round. That’s what they say, don’t they?

This could be true for all of you who are earning money in any capacity, playing any role or assuming any title. Allow me to say that you are going around in circles trying to earn a daily, honest living.


After all, morning comes and you get up from bed. Then afternoon comes, then evening and then night follows and you go back to bed. Morning comes again and you get up from bed. The circle is complete.

All your precious effort, time and health go into generating necessary income for you and your family. What is the most important resource that you use for this purpose? Your thinking mind.

So, if I ask you specifically, what makes you money, your answer would be….. ‘My mind’.

Your mind ‘is’ directly responsible for the money that you are currently making in your life. Your mind ‘will be’ directly responsible for the money that you will make in the future. To put it in scientific terms: The amount of income you are earning today is directly proportional to the strength of your mind ‘today’.

This simply means that the level of your mind decides the level of your income. What if you ask: How do I earn more money? I guess you know the answer to this one now, don’t you?

It’s all in the mind. It’s a mind game. The stronger you make your mind, the stronger chances you have to earn more. Of course, with a strong mind you can do so many more important things in the world, than just earn some more money. But that’s not our point here.

The stronger you make your mind, the stronger chances you have to earn more.

Our point is something else. Let’s say, you are earning Rs 25,000/- per month and you now want to earn Rs 50,000/- per month. You want to double your income. What do you have to do? Think hard. Yes indeed, you have to use your mind.

The level of your mind that helps you to earn Rs 25,000/- per month today, is not sufficient to help you earn Rs 50,000/- per month tomorrow. To earn a higher level of income, your mind has to change its mental level.

So, if you hope to be a billionaire or a ‘crorepati’ tomorrow, then you cannot get there with your mind that has made you a millionaire or ‘lakhpati’ today. Your mind has to take a leap into new things, new attitudes, new habits and new thought patterns.

You will definitely reach your next level of income tomorrow, provided you begin to start making mental changes today.

Some wise man did say once: Change your mind, change your life 🙂

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. Well yes, mind and body together have been doing wonder since the time known to man…it is all in the mind

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