Your invisible influence

Humans and influence go together. Knowingly or unknowingly, each of us has an impact on the other.

Some of you might have grave doubts that you could influence any other person. But there is also the other side of life — behind the mirror, so to say.


Allow me to say that you have no idea about what’s happening behind the mirror. You go about your life doing your thing that you do and you do it daily. In the morning, you also get a chance to look at yourself in the mirror. You see your reflection in the mirror. You see yourself there. To be more precise, you see Your Self looking back at you from the mirror.

For the moment, let’s go with the thought that this Self looking back at you from the mirror is Life looking back at you. As you go about living life, life too goes about its duty towards the living.

You may wonder at times that you are so insignificant and that there is hardly anyone you can impress and influence. But think again. Somebody is watching you. Life is watching you. And there would be definitely some other human who too is watching you, from near or afar. You have no idea that this person has kept you in his sights, but this person is definitely there. And this person is being influenced by you.

This person, who you may or may not know personally is there, absorbing what you are doing, taking note of your life. At first glance, this may sound creepy, like some CCTV camera kind of observation. But, it’s not really so. For some reason, this person has come to identify with you.

We are not discussing stalker-type behaviour or person, but someone who seems to connect with you. Interesting fact is that during your whole life you may never even meet this person. But this person is there taking a keen, undivided interest in you and your life — in a positive way.

This person wants to believe in you, wants to see you smile and wants to see you happy.

This person wants to believe in you, wants to see you smile and wants to see you happy. But if you are sad, this sadness gets to him. If you cry, this person too sheds a tear for your sadness. This person may be close to you or be a complete stranger to you. But there will always be some kind of powerful bond that she feels for you.

So you have a responsibility here now. When you look in the mirror again, remember, somebody is looking back at you.

S/he wants you to be the best that you can be. You are now responsible for not only yourself, but for that far more powerful, but invisible influence you have on that other person too.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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