Your night dream

Last night I dreamt something. I might have had more than one dream last night, but I remember one only.

When I became aware that I had woken up today morning, I didn’t open my eyes for some time. I kept thinking and trying to remember the details about the dream I had.


The dream wasn’t anything dramatic in the beginning. I was sitting in a room with two other people – a man and a woman. I think it was the chamber of an advocate. Sitting across the table in front of me, the man was explaining to me something about an event that was to be organised. Then, to my right, I saw another man entering this spacious chamber. He came in very hesitantly. He was taking very small steps, with the expression on his face showing alarm and panic.

As he came nearer, before I knew it, I got up from my seat quickly, went close to him and loudly shouted: BOO!!!

The man got shocked and stumbled back and all three of us in the room started laughing loudly.

When I became conscious in the morning and before I opened my eyes, this laughter kept ringing in my ears. I even slightly smiled to myself and then slowly opened my eyes. I sat up on the bed, shook my head and kept thinking about it.

This was another night dream that had left its imprint on my mind. If I am not wrong, I think I dream daily. Every night I have some or the other kind of dream and then morning comes and everything fades away. But some dreams stay on in my consciousness.

Night dreams can have such power. You live those moments in the dream so acutely.

I am sure you too have night dreams. I am not talking about day dreams here, because that’s a whole different subject.

But night dreams can have such power. You live those moments in the dream so acutely. You are there physically and emotionally experiencing everything, just as you do when you experience your life after you wake up in the morning.

All of you remember that there was some night when you woke up feeling so scared. I too have had those nights. What you and I went through in those scary dreams was so real and powerful that it made its presence felt to us in the non-dream world — here too. Your heart was beating fast when you woke up. You were sweating as you sat up on your bed. You immediately looked around fearfully. And then, slowly, you calmed down.

Last night’s dream left those same questions in my mind once again: What is more real? The dream that we live at night, or the life that we live after we wake up in the morning?

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