Your stream of emotions

You are emotional. I am emotional. We are emotional.

From ‘hardly’ to ‘very’ emotional — our daily lives oscillate between this range. What makes you ‘very’ emotional might make me ‘hardly’ emotional.

thinking-book in hand

And the vice-versa is also true. If I get ‘very’ emotional by say, watching something on TV or film, then that same thing would hardly touch you. You might even silently scoff at it or even laugh.

Remember research says we think around 64,000 thoughts daily. Hidden behind so many thoughts is our glorious mix of emotions.

At any particular moment you might be feeling happy, sad, angry, irritated, optimistic, depressed, strong, weak, healthy, good, bad, or even nothing. Each of these feelings is being firmly controlled by the stream of emotions that flows so powerfully deep inside you.

Why do you think you have heard people saying – “Control your emotions”!

Well, one strong reason could be that when emotions take hold of you, then all sense of practicality gets pushed behind. Practicality here would mean deciding on ‘Action A’.

If everyone around you, including your best friend, can see clearly that ‘Action A’ needs to be taken by you for your personal well being, then most probably that should be done. But, being in an emotional state, you are against taking ‘Action A’. You just want to take ‘Action B’.

Why do you think you have heard people saying – “Control your emotions”!

Others may say that ‘Action B’ is impractical, even harmful to your welfare, but your emotions would have none of it. They are silently shouting to you, “You have to take ‘Action B’ now”!

Irrespective of the end result here, fact is, if you can control and manage your emotions and not let them cloud your sense of superior judgment, then your ship of life sails smoothly.

But, if you don’t manage them, then your stream of emotions will take control of your ship. Your emotions will then take you some place where your only companion would be someone called ‘Regret’.

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