The memories you are left with

There’s something very deep about human life and living in this world.

You come into this world as a crying baby. Many watch you quietly and happily, waiting eagerly for their turn to touch you or even take you gently in their arms.

Then comes a time when you leave this world so quietly. Many watch you silently and sadly, while others cry their hearts out as they hold you tightly in their arms.


Right from your arrival on Planet Earth, to your departure from this place, you are busy creating a gigantic mix of memories. So many of these memories become precious to you. In your later years, you attempt to live those memorable moments once again through your memories.

But you don’t create memories for yourself only. In the life that you begin to live right from your childhood to old age, you create a certain circle of influence in society.

Your immediate family members, your close relatives, your close friends, your next-door neighbours, your acquaintances, office colleagues, college friends and even those neighbourhood shopkeepers who you meet regularly — all of them are influenced by you at some level.

Their association with you adds to your grand collection of memories. More importantly, your association with them adds to their collection of memories too.

Now the question arises: what kind of memories are you creating for them?

In other words, how will they remember you in their memories once you have quietly departed from this place?

Of course, the best choice here would be that you would like them to remember you as the good person that you were. You would love to have left a positive memory of you in their mind and being.

Interesting thing is, if all those people in your circle of influence do decide to remember you at all once you have left, then it is quite an achievement on your part!

Just imagine the busy lives that all of them lead today. Yet, if they often remember you, even talk about you with a smile on their lips or a touch of regret that you left, then you are entitled to a divine round of applause from your heavenly abode.

We sure want to remember you as the lovely person that you are.

You made a mark on them and they remember this often. But, why am I talking in the past tense about you?

Blessings to you that you are still here among us — your circle of influence! Hopefully you are creating wonderful memories for us everyday.

We sure want to remember you as the lovely person that you are. We definitely value your presence in our life. Though many of us may not express it so much, but you are loved more than you will ever know.

And hopefully, you value our presence in your life. It would be a source of such satisfaction to us that we, as a parent, son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife, friend, relative or any other identity, were able to leave some kind of positive impression on you. Hopefully, we were good to you and this will be remembered by you for a long time.

The day we leave you quietly, will be the beginning of our life as everlasting memories for you.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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