When you say ‘No’

Let me raise the curtain on a powerful ability that you have. Not X-ray vision, shape-shifting or flying, but something more human.

This power that you have is — The Power of ‘No’. Yes, each of you has this power, but sadly, you don’t use it often enough.

Business Woman Looking On Option And Select No Decision Isolated

Allow me to say that the more you use this power at the right time, the stronger you will feel inside. You might want to know the reason behind it.

You would already be aware of this, but I will just brush up your memory here. You know that every morning when you open your eyes, you have a balance of 24 hours that you get to spend. Once you begin your daily routine, the pressures begin to mount. Demands of your family, your work, business, studies and even entertainment decisions take you on a roller-coaster ride. You have only so much time and there is so much to do. So, how do you do it?

Of course, you use your Power of No here. You say ‘Yes’ to things that have to be done over the course of the 24 hours that you have. At the same time, you do say ‘No’ to things that you cannot do, as you have other priorities that have to be taken care of. You might say here, “Ya. That’s how everyone does it. I also do it. So, what’s the big deal?”

Well, not a big deal if you say ‘No’ once or twice during the course of your 24 hours, but it definitely becomes a very big deal, when you say it more.

As most of you know, there are three basic factors that have to be taken into account if you want to live a healthy and balanced life. These factors are — Time, Money and Health. In your valuable 24 hours that you are granted every morning, most of your routine or important decisions revolve around these three factors.

If you want to save your Time, Money and Health, you have to use the magic word called ‘No’. Let me give you some instances:


* “Hi, can you drop me to that place? I know it will be a bit of extra kilometers for you, but it will be a big help to me.” (The person said this to you for the 3rd time. Now what do you say?)

* “You have to be there for the party/meeting. It’s very important. Ok?” (Now, what do you say here? You ignored the person twice already.)


* “Hi, I have this wonderful investment option that I discussed with you. I am sure you would like it. Can we talk about it?” (The person is someone important and close to you and says this to you for the 3rd time. Now what do you say?)

* “I really want this papa. All my friends have it. They make fun of me. I just don’t like it that you haven’t given it to me yet. When will I get it?” (Now what do you say?


* “Let’s have something else today. You really like this thing, don’t you? Let’s have it today. Nobody’s watching.” (You have been advised by your doctor against it and you too know that it is not good for your health. But the person is someone close to you. Now, what do you do?)

* “Oh, come on. You know I like you. I trust you. You are the only one who can help me here. So, I really need you. Ok?” (This is the 4th time the person has come to you. All three times, after you helped the person, the person ignored you and barely acknowledged you. Now, what do you say?)

saying no

These are just examples of so many different kinds of situations that you find yourself in every day. My question is: How do you save your precious Time, your valuable Money and your needed physical and mental Health here?

Obviously, you do it by using the Power of ‘No’. This is the power that keeps you in focus to what is important to you. The more you can say ‘No’ confidently to things that hurt you, the more you can say ‘Yes’ happily to things that give you joy, happiness and health.

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