Your guardian angel

If you know what I am going to talk about now, I am happy for you. If you don’t know, then too I am happy for you.

You must have read about the concept of Guardian Angels somewhere. If not, then this is the place where you get to know about them for the first time. It feels good to know that finally you get to add this new information to your bank of heavenly knowledge.


By definition, a guardian angel is an angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group, kingdom, or country. Yes, I know these words like angels, heaven and God are words that create a big impact on those who believe.

But, if you are more of a doubting Thomas or an agnostic who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God, I would still urge you to read on. Why? Well, just for the sake of some new information that your logical mind might get to poke and pry for a start.

So, what most people have read is that a guardian angel is a spirit that is thought to watch over and protect a person. There is the belief that God has commissioned one angel per person as a source of protection. In a way, this angel becomes an intermediary between god and the human.

Interesting thing is that many earthly religions have firmly discussed the concept of guardian angels and highlighted them as benevolent and helpful.

The Christian tradition and church have various references to the guardian angel. The 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis in one of his sermons does say, “I should do this; this is not right; be careful. This is the voice of our guardian angel.”

What the Pope means to convey here is that the sane, calm, intelligent, wise voice that talks to us inside our being and seeks to show us the right path in times of doubt, is the voice of our guardian angel.

A similar belief exists in Judaism and in Zorastrianism where the Holy Guardian Angel is ‘Arda Fravas’.

Shoulder Angels

In many believers of Islamic faith, there is the strong belief in two recording angels named ‘Munkir’ and ‘Nakeer’. Angel Munkir sits on the right shoulder of a person and records all the good deeds done by him in his lifetime. Angel Nakeer sits on the left shoulder of a person and records all his bad deeds or sins.

Many of you are also aware of TV cartoons and film characters that are at times shown getting firm guidance by their shoulder angel and the proverbial devil. The concept differs a bit here as the angel on the right shoulder talks about the need to do the right thing, while the devil on the left urges you with a sly smile to do what you desire to do.

What all this really means is that there is this concept of some divine being called Guardian Angel who remains your friend and protector. By means of this angel, the God of believers is said to plant images and suggestions in a person, leading him to do what is right and helpful.


The Radiant Trio

For the past two or three years now, I have often come across this image in my mind of three divine, graceful, kind and beyond-gorgeous group of three women.

For some reason, I have always seen them sitting on a beautiful park bench in their lovely, white and shimmery dress, having animated conversation with each other. But, whenever my attention has gone towards these three women, I always see them halting their conversation midway. Then I find them looking towards me expectantly, with radiant and knowledgeable smiles.

I get the feeling that when I think about them, they feel very happy. I haven’t got to know more about them yet. But I think the time has come when I should get to know more about them and why they are making themselves known to me over the past two-three years.

I have a strong feeling that I had better start communicating with not one, but three Guardian Angels in my life.

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