You are a cell of planet earth

Do you know how many people are residing on earth currently? The latest count according to United Nations is more than 7 billion.

Do you know how many cells exist in your body? The rough estimate is about 15-75 trillion cells.


Now, why are we talking about the world population and the population of cells in our body? Well, the reason is that there are some similarities between our celestial body Planet Earth and our human body. Many of you would be aware of it, but let me just refresh your memory.

You do know that water covers about 70 percent of the earth’s surface. But, at the same time, water makes up about 70 percent of the human body too. Then there is the next elementary fact. Six elements make up almost 99 percent of the human body’s mass: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. All of these elements, plus several others, contribute towards the earth’s structure as well.

Moreover, earth has a respiratory system in the form of lush green forests, rivers, oceans and lakes that keeps it healthy. Humans too have their own respiratory system. Human beings breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Here, you would immediately realize that having clean air is good for both the planet and the human body.

What you find in these basic examples is one simple thing. Earth and human body are inter-dependent on each other. Earth takes care of human beings and human beings are expected to take care of their beloved planet earth. But, what is the stark reality happening on the planet?

Humans are fuelled by their lust and desire to take as much as possible from the earth’s bountiful resources. Humans are not too bothered by how much they are giving positive things to earth. What they are really giving back to earth are things that are destroying the planet.

And you know what these things are. Pollution of all kinds generated by business interests are entering the earth’s atmosphere resulting in major climatic changes.

You are aware of news reports where quite a few surprising weather disturbances are being reported from different cities around the world. Earthquakes, storms, typhoons and all other such natural disturbances are the planet’s way of replying back to the disruptive and careless actions of human beings living on earth.

Once you take care of your earth in a conscientious way, you add to the health of your planet.

What I am basically telling you is that you as a single unit are as much responsible for the welfare of your planet, as the planet is responsible for your welfare. You are like one cell that lives in the body of the earth. Once you take care of your earth in a conscientious way, you add to the health of your planet.

In my city, use of plastic has been banned. The obvious reason is that it is non-degradable and hurts the soil as it very difficult to decompose. Such initiatives are small steps intended for the welfare of humans that ultimately impact the earth.

If you as one cell are healthy in every way, then it affects all your nearby cells too. Once your group of cells in a society is physically, mentally and spiritually hale and hearty, then the earth breathes easier. In the same way, as each cell inside your body remains healthy, then your whole body too remains happy and healthy.

Yes, your small positive action on this planet does create an important impact on the overall wellbeing of your planet and vice-versa on your body too.

Do your best and expect the best.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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