Your wealth of time

Do you know that you are a very wealthy person? Yes, you are.

You have exactly 86,400 seconds to spend every 24 hours!


Just imagine! You are blessed with such wealth of time. More importantly, you get this nice number of seconds to spend every morning. You can do whatever you want with it. You can use this wealth in so many different ways. You can be creative and imaginative and put this wealth to such good use.

There’s just one thing. You cannot save your unused seconds and use them the next day. You cannot add to your tally of a new lot of 86,400 seconds that you get daily. You have these seconds and they get spent either with purpose or get wasted away, serving no purpose. So, what will it be for you?

You want to spend every second wisely and get something in return, or you want to let those seconds slip from your hand without getting anything in return? It’s really completely up to you. After all, you are as equal as any other human walking on the face of planet Earth. You get the same time allotment as the richest or luckiest guy you know.

How you spend 3600 seconds every hour is completely different to how the next person spends it. What that next person gets in return for his 3600 seconds depends on how much he has thought on how to spend it. Now think what you can do with a bigger lot of 6,04,800 seconds that you get in one week. You can plan well for it, can’t you?

You also say at times in a philosophically practical manner that time is money. You can count the seconds that you get every minute, hour, day, month and year. But if you knew better, you could actually spend those seconds wisely and get equally valuable paper money in return. You would then be categorized as really practical, not just philosophically practical.

How you spend 3600 seconds every hour is completely different to how the next person spends it in his life.

But guess what? Everyone wants paper money. You are spending your valuable seconds knowingly and unknowingly every minute, hour, day, month and year in its pursuit. Yet, some of you get more paper money for your seconds and some of you get less. There are others who get no paper money at all even after spending 25,92,000 seconds in one month!

What sheer wastage of valuable seconds! And let me give you the big picture too. What if you can plan well on how to spend 3,11,04,000 (3 crore, 11 lakh, 4 thousand) seconds that you get in one year every year? I can bet big money that if you can use just the right strategy and tactics and think hard, then you can spend all this wealth of seconds purposefully. In return, you could get something wonderful, something that you really wanted, or something that was just a dream for you.

For a start, you have to make a new beginning tomorrow. As soon as you open your eyes tomorrow morning, 86,400 seconds will be deposited in your time bank. Spend them with joy, enthusiasm and focussed attention.

Who knows what you will get to have, enjoy and cherish after you have spent your valuable seconds, as they should be spent.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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