The painter in you

Imagine if you could paint your glorious dreams! What masterpieces they would be.

I can bet my imaginary white horse that if you could paint just one painting in your life based on your night dreams or day dreams, your painting would be more valuable than Mona Lisa.

You may smile here and say to yourself, “Ya, sure, me a painter!” when you can’t even draw a nice circle properly. But then, there is no harm in imagining that you are a painter, is there? If some painting appeals to you when you come across it somewhere, probably in a magazine, newspaper or TV, you do like watching it.

So, the matter is settled. You have the sensitivity of a painter who can internally connect with a sense of curiosity what the painter has painted with his colourful brush.

You may have used, at the most, water colours in your school when you were in a primary class and painted a drawn tea cup. So what? You did paint. All young children paint. And you were young once.

Now you are older and have gone beyond that primary grade and maybe even crossed college life. But the painter in you is still there.

At this point, allow me to let that painter inside you feast his/her eyes on a few valuable and world famous paintings that you may or may not have seen.

Mona Lisa (Painter: Leonardo da Vinci)

1. My first question to you here is: Which is the most famous painting in the world today? Your answer would be…Mona Lisa. Painted by that famous Italian Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa painting is the main attraction of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Millions see it physically every year, while many more millions see it online.

The Last Supper (Painter: Leonardo da Vinci)

2. Then, there is another famous painting called ‘The Last Supper’. Painted again by Leonardo da Vinci, this painting is not on display in a museum, but covers the back wall of the dining hall at Santa Maria delle Grazie monastery in Milan, Italy. The painting depicts The Last Supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples.

The Creation of Adam (Painter: Michelangelo)

3. Another Italian painter-sculptor-architect and poet, Michelangelo painted one masterpiece titled ‘The Creation of Adam’. This painting is there on the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome. You must have seen this one in some kind of TV ad/short film or some Hollywood film.

Starry Night (Painter: Vincent van Gogh)

4. You might have seen this painting ‘Starry Night’ painted by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. You may have seen this on some greeting card or some other place. Incidentally, this painting was the inspiration for the song ‘Vincent’ (also known as ‘Starry starry night’) by Don McLean. I have heard this song multiple times and it has remained in my heart.

Scream (Painter: Edward Munch)

5. When you get very angry, you would love to scream, but you don’t. Well, Norwegian painter Edward Munch brought his ‘Scream’ to life on a canvas.

The Persistence of Memory (Painter: Salvador Dali)

6. The Spanish artist Salvador Dali went ahead and painted ‘The persistence of memory’. It is said that when people watch it, this painting makes people think on how they spend their time and their life.

Girl with a Pearl Earring (Painter: Johannes Vermeer)

7. And then, there is the ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ painted by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. It is considered by many to be the ‘Dutch Mona Lisa’ or the ‘Mona Lisa of the North’.

These are just a handful of the millions of paintings that are there in this world today ready to inspire you and make you think. Here, you got some idea of the vision of painters who have long since gone from Earth. But their intense thought patterns that they managed to catch on a canvas remained here on this planet. Their paintings continue to fill us with awe, excitement and energy.

Now go back to your child-like paintings and sketches that you drew when you were in school. You were proud of them, weren’t you? Ok, if not proud, you were happy, hopefully.

It is that painter in you that has that pure connection with what they call ‘soul’ inside you. That painter understands beauty, nature, vision and enthusiasm. So, even though, you may be leading the most routine life that I can’t even imagine, sometimes, take out a piece of paper and sketch something. Then fill it with colours chosen by the painter in you. Let’s see how that makes you feel.

When you are done doing this, then find some time out and buy yourself a nice, not every expensive, but original hand-drawn (not digital) painting of any unknown artist in your city. Get it framed, come home and hang it in your drawing room. Then, let’s see how that makes the painter inside you feel.

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