Your busy mobile life

If you are a smartphone user, I feel happy for two prime reasons. Can you guess?

I don’t think so. So let me tell you. I feel happy because I celebrate the fact that you have become such a reader and communicator. 🙂


Yes, you have become a very absorbed reader and communicator. Your life has become so busy that most of your free time is spent in reading and communicating — on your smartphone.

Thank the good lord that at least you are still reading. So what if you are reading bits of conversations on your Whatsapp and streams of messages on your Facebook? It hardly matters. I am even happy if the maximum reading that you do in a day is read your emails.

At least people cannot point fingers and say that in this age of internet and new technology, people have stopped reading. No sir, nobody has forgotten the art of reading. It’s just that books are not as important a source of information now as they were earlier. Most information is there on your internet-connected data-enabled/wifi-ready smartphone. It’s easily available at the touch of a button. You don’t really need to flip pages of a book and do formal reading to get what you want.

There’s just one thing. I know you communicate a lot on your smartphone screen. But you don’t seem to communicate much using eye contact now. At most you will reply to queries or offered comments with some minimum comment while looking at your smartphone screen. You might even just reply to something with a shake of your shoulders, a nod of your head or the sound “hmm”.

All this makes me come to the conclusion that you lead a very busy mobile life. It is my opinion that you are involved in just two actions in your life.

Action one: You do something that has to be done. I may or may not see you doing it.

Action two: You sit, walk or talk keeping yourself busy in your Whatsapp or Facebook or in checking your mail. Sometimes you also browse through some website or the other keenly searching for some information. I do see you doing this.

What you need to know is that I am comfortable with your actions, as long as you are a reader and communicator. But there is this social norm and conditioning too. It says that best reading is when books are involved and best communication is one where you talk using eye contact with the listener.

I know you lead a busy life, involved in so many things that I don’t know about. But even in this age of technology-filled world, you would still find that people react to you best, when they see you looking into their eyes while talking to them.

So, next time, you are busy watching the screen on your mobile phone, just remind yourself to look up for a few seconds. Life is happening in front of your eyes too, not just in the pixels sitting so close in your mobile screen.

Read and communicate offline too.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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