My articles on Uttar Pradesh Government in two newspapers today (Feb 29, 2016)

Most of you are aware that besides doing personal writing, I do professional writing too.

I am a freelance writer and social media consultant. I do professional writing for different clients. As a result of your good wishes and blessings, I keep getting high-value freelance work from established clients. I enjoy the work that I get and my clients are also happy with the quality of work that they get from me.

I have done full-length articles, business proposals, invitation cards, magazine features and also social media management like handling Facebook pages for clients.

My latest work

Today, I would like to share with you my latest work that I have completed. I wrote some articles highlighting the achievements of Uttar Pradesh government in various areas. These articles were published today as advertorials in six full pages in two daily newspapers – The Pioneer and Business Standard. The articles appear in:

The Pioneer-Lucknow Edition (Issue 29-02-2016)

Page 2 (full page) - Agriculture
Page 14 (full page) - Gomti riverfront
Page 15 (full page) - Shrawan Yatra
Page 16 (full page) - Transport

In case you have the time and interest, you can read these articles on this link: My articles on UP Govt in Pioneer-29-02-2016

The link has all PDF pages of today’s The Pioneer. You can go to the desired page to read the articles that would interest you.

Business Standard-Lucknow Edition (Issue 29-02-2016)

Page 18 (full page) - women welfare
Page 19 (full page) - power supply

Here are snapshots of the published pages for your kind perusal.

Thanks 🙂

Pioneer-Feb 29-2016-Masthead

Masthead of The Pioneer – Daily newspaper – issue dated: 29-02-2016

Pioneer-Feb 29-2016-Pg 2-agriculture
My articles on Page 2 (full page-Agriculture) in The Pioneer – Daily newspaper
Pioneer-Feb 29-2016-Pg 14-riverfront
My articles on Page 14 (full page)-Gomti riverfront in The Pioneer – Daily newspaper






Pioneer-Feb 29-2016-Pg 15-shrawan yatra

Pioneer-Feb 29-2016-Pg 16-transport

Masthead of Today’s (Feb 29, 2016) Business Standard-Lucknow Edition newspaper
New Doc 48_1
Page 18, Business Standard, Lucknow (Feb 29, 2016) carrying all my articles
New Doc 49_1
Page 19, Business Standard, Lucknow (Feb 19, 2016) carrying all my articles

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