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The Women in Your life (International Women’s Day)

You do know that you were brought into this world, on Planet Earth by a woman. You were somewhere else before coming here. Then something changed and you decided to come here on this planet.


There were so many women living on this planet. You could have chosen any one of them and she would have given birth to you. But you chose this one woman, who you call ‘Mother’ to bring you here. There has to be some deeper beyond-this-planet-and-time connection of some sort between you and your mother. She got you and you got her. I don’t think this is some random coincidence. The first woman stepped in your life.

Open Your Eyes

Once you opened your eyes here, you saw more women. You saw women nurses surrounding you, if you were born in a hospital. You did see more women when you were born, when you saw the world outside your mother’s womb for the first time.

Each of those women looked at you lovingly as you clenched and unclenched your fist and cried out, keeping your eyes tightly shut. Slowly, as time went by, you began opening your eyes more to the world around you. You had a man called ‘Father’ too, who began taking care of you, when he could. But there was this one woman called ‘Mother’ who was there with you most of the time.

Then you noticed that a smaller version of a woman called a ‘girl’ also started giving you company. Your mother said this girl was your sister. You didn’t argue. This sister kept you company, if she had come before you on this planet. If she came after you, then you took care of her, as mother said you should.

Then you remember another woman called ‘Grandmother’ playing an important role in your life. She would even advise your mother on how to take better care of you, if she saw any lapses. You couldn’t understand it then, but your grandmother’s direction to your ‘mom’ seemed to work out right for you. You seemed happy. 🙂


She Held Your Hand

When you started growing up, you saw that besides your sister, you had other young girls called cousins, who would be playing with you and making you happy. They were very young woman who started shaping your world view, as you tried to understand what they said when they were in front of you. You saw there were other women too who loved you personally and were designated as your ‘relatives’.


Your next big step in life was stepping into a school. Here you came across a woman, who seemed to behave like your mother, but didn’t look like your mother. You weren’t sure how to react to this new woman in your life.

You cried a lot those first few days, whenever you were handed to this new woman in school. But you noticed that she was kind to you. Your mother would even ask you this woman’s name after you came from school. You hardly knew her name. Your mother would smile and say that this woman was your teacher. You remembered this fact and it remained embedded in your life for a long time.

For some reason, you did remember this woman teacher for quite some time till you eventually forgot her as you grew older. For a long time in your life, many other woman teachers like her moulded your mind in a certain way, in a certain direction. Your mother and father said these women teachers and even men were the ones who would guide you to do your best in school. You accepted it and kept learning from them.

You Saw Her

It must have started in school or when you reached college, but you started observing something else now. There was this one young woman in your class, who was taking more of your attention than other young women. You began to spend more time with her as you liked the moments spent with her. This woman slowly became either your best friend or your lover.

This young woman began to take a lot of your mind space. You wanted to be with her most of the time. You wanted to share your life’s ups and downs with her. You wanted to be there for her. You could not let go of her.

When life pushed you further, out of your college and into a working society, you began to earn a living. Once that was accomplished, you or your parents decided that you were ready to have a special woman in your life. She would be there for you 24/7 and take care of you. In return, you would provide for her and take care of her to the best of your ability. That special woman came in your life via legal sanction called ‘marriage’ and she was designated as your ‘wife’. She started playing an important role in how your life would shape up from this point.

Work Companions

women in uniform-tile

While in work or business, you saw many more women around you. Most of these women you found smart, ambitious, honest and ready to put in as much effort in the work or business, as you were putting in it. Sometimes you were surprised by this fact, while at other times you simply shrugged your shoulders and accepted this fact.

You also observed that women were to be found in so many different fields. Women were being Politicians, Chief Executive Officers, Presidents, Police officers, Administrative officers, Security officers, Army officers, Navy officers, Air Force officers, Pilots, auto-rickshaw drivers, bus conductors, farmers, teachers, accountants, marketing experts, business owners, writers and more.

You wondered how women were playing so many different roles all around you and impacting your life in their unique manner. Your mother was a home-maker. She remained at home and managed everything at home. But there were so many intelligent women like your mother, working outside home too and at the same time, managing home too.

The Day Came

At times, you wished you could celebrate this multi-tasking, multi-talented member of the human species who gave birth to you and so many of you.

One fine day, one of you decided that enough was enough. You discussed and came upon a solution. There would be one fixed day that would be used to celebrate all women on this planet. That day would be March 8 and it would be called ‘International Women’s Day’.

So, today, you and I, together we convey our best wishes to all women in our life who have made our life as lovely and beautiful as they could.

Thank you dear, wonderful women in our life for being there for us and making life better for us.

Happy International Women’s Day! 🙂


4 comments on “The Women in Your life (International Women’s Day)

  1. Manika khanna
    April 3, 2016

    The first pic.used in ur article..the women in ur life is simply appreciable n likeable..throughout reading this article i had a perptual smile 😊 on my face from the beginning till its end.A beautiful n praise-worthy gesture of showing ur gratitude towards all the beautiful women u have helped in shaping ur life n making it a better place to live in.Surely women folk should be respected..Well framed article..worthy of a big applause.i loved it.😊☺👏👏👍👍

  2. Sayeed
    March 9, 2016

    Beautiful and soothing! 😊 Women must be treated with dignity and respect and love they deserve for a better human civilisation

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