I read a book five years back written by the author Ayn Rand, who was a Russian-born American novelist. The book was a novel called ‘Atlas Shrugged’ written by her in 1957. I still remember the basic story and theme she conveyed in the book.

The Talents

The theme of her book was respect for intelligence. The novel talked about how some powerful people in the world try to run the world using very talented people. Everything was good till the talented people started asking ‘Why’.

Let me call these hardworking-very-intelligent people — ‘The Talents’. So, The Talents started asking the society in general and the rich in particular, why should they, ‘The Talents’ do something when it did not make sense. They even protested that they would not do what they were told to do, as it went against their conscience.

The society and the rich who depended on The Talents for their survival, criticised them for being selfish and not caring for them. Slowly, as the novel progressed, The Talents started disappearing from society. Chaos and disharmony started spreading everywhere.

Then everyone started realising the importance of ‘The Talents’ and how much they were contributing to the welfare of the society. But by that time, it was too late. ‘The Talents’ had left.

The mediocre and average minds remained in society and they could not do much for the people. They were at a loss on how to handle the cries of dismay and disappointment coming from everywhere.

Why do it

I still remember one character specially from this philosophical fiction written by Ayn Rand. This character was a very rich guy. He pretended to be a decadent, flashy member of the society and indulged in enjoying his rich legacy to the fullest.

This character’s name was Francisco d’ Anconia who had a number of mines in his empire. Yet, despite his outward appearance, he was actually a very intelligent guy who was part of ‘The Talents’.

What I remember about Francisco is that in the novel whenever anyone asked him to do something, he would always reply back with the question ‘Why do it’?

Francisco would never begin to think about doing something till the ‘Why’ was clear to him. If the Why was not clear, he would remain stubborn and not do it, even if the person telling him to do it was his closest friend.

The answer is important

Now think back to all those important things you have done in the past.

Now think ahead to all those important things you are planning to do, or you are already doing them. I hope you have put to yourself Francisco’s question: Why do it? 🙂

I hope that you were/are completely satisfied with your answer to Francisco’s question.

Once you know Why you have to do something, then the How and the When do not remain obstacles. The right answers to How and When come clearly to you once your Why is sorted out properly.

So, find your ‘Why’ and let Francisco d’ Anconia smile with you in happiness. He knows that once you have found your ‘Why’, you too will become an important member of the tribe called ‘The Talents’. :mrgreen:

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