Delhi Diary: My walk in deer park

Today morning I got up a bit early and decided to take a walk in the Deer Park. It is a park in RK Puram and I wanted to do my daily schedule of morning walk. Me and my brother decided that it was time to take a good walk and see the park better. It was my first time in there. Here are some pics from the walk.

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Now that you have seen the pics, you must have got a fair idea of my morning walk today. I slept late last night, around 2 am. Since I needed to complete some writing, it took more time than I imagined it would.

But still, I managed to get up at 7 am when my brother woke me up. I got up, got dressed, put on a full sleeve woolen and a cap since it was a bit cold outside. I didn’t want to take any chances by catching unwanted cold and get into bouts of sneezing.

Morning Walkers

When we reached the park, we found that a number of morning walkers were already there. I think they must have done a fair amount of walking before we started taking our first round. Since it was my first time, I was more observant. I noticed that the park is quite big. After a few turns, I came across this huge pond with 5-6 water fountains spouting from the middle of the pond. I found this interesting. So this was how the water level was being maintained in the pond.

Obviously when there is water around then birds too will be there. I saw a number of varieties of birds near the pond. There were ducks, crows and geese who were flying around and in the pond. In the middle of the pond, there was some kind of small island also there, which seemed to be like a nice nesting place for a whole lot of birds. Whether this island was natural or man-made, but it did give the feathery friends a great place to rest and relax. 🙂

Old heritage & Senior citizens

Besides the modern buildings, there was also some kind of old palace-like structure standing next to the park. Young children and their parents had climbed up to one of the openings of the building to check it out.

Walking out of this section of the park to the next, I found that some senior citizens had also organised a morning pravachan with a panditji reciting shlokas from the Holy Ramayana.

The deer enclosure was close up and the entry gate to the enclosure was being manned by 4-5 deer who were close to the gate. They were quite calm standing there. Probably they were used to human interaction. Moving along the side of the deer enclosure, I saw a nice group of deer standing alongside the enclosure. After clicking some pics, it was time to head back to the entry gate of the park.

Gym in the park

While going back I came across a number of people doing exercises with some nice stretching gym-like equipment that was installed in the park. Both the young and the not-so-young were exercising on these equipment happily. This was a nice free and exciting way to do more exercises and not just simply walk around the park.

I also came across a nice landscaped area in the park that had a small building on top. I climbed this mini-hill which was all awash with the clear morning sunshine. The best thing here was the morning light was very good for great photography, if one was so inclined. Some morning walkers had also climbed atop the roof of this small building and were doing exercises there! 🙂

Rain & hailstones

As we reached closer to the exit of the park, we had to to quicken our steps. It had started to rain and within minutes along with the rain, we saw small white hailstones too falling on the ground. At the entry gate we took shelter near a canopy and waited for the rain to go down.

After 10 mins, we decided to step out, cross the road and reach our house. There seemed to be no point in waiting for the rain to convert into a light drizzle.

This morning walk in the deer park was a nice change from my usual morning walk schedule in Lucknow where I walk outside the periphery of 25X25 metre size miniature parks that are there in the colony.

It is always nice to see so many health conscious people taking time out in the morning and taking care of their body and health. More power and health to all of them. 🙂

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