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When you set a challenge


There are two types of challenges that you can face in life. The first kind of challenge is the one over which you have no control and it made itself known to you without any advance warning. You have to face it now calmly and courageously and see it to its logical end.

The second kind of challenge is the conscious challenge. This kind of challenge is the one that you set up for yourself for some reason that has meaning for you. You challenge yourself to do something in order that you probably get better at doing that ‘something’ or you feel good about yourself for having done it.

This kind of conscious challenge is the one that is the best for you. Best, in the sense, that you are mentally prepared to handle it and you begin to take yourself seriously. The first kind or the unconscious challenge is also good for you in that there is only way — go full steam ahead and solve it. There is no going back to stage one to solve it once again, if you fail.

In the second kind of challenge, you have to solve the challenge as there are suitable rewards of self-congratulation and good feelings attached with it. You tend to feel better having completed the challenge. The big plus here is that even if you fail here, you can still go back to step one and start again with renewed vigour.

My challenge

Let me tell you about my current challenge here. For the past one month now, I have set myself a challenge of walking daily for 45 minutes as my way of exercising. Guess what has been happening here as I have attempted to take on this self-challenge?

True, your guess is right. 🙂 I haven’t been 100% successful in this challenge so far. I won’t say I have failed, but I would say that I haven’t yet found the success I hope to achieve.

So far, I have managed to walk daily for the allotted time for five days at a stretch. The sixth day, for some reason or the other, the cycle got broken. At least, in this challenge, as it is very clear to you by now, I could start again. I did start again. I went up till three days…then four days and even two days…till the cycle was broken again. 🙂


Please note: I am still smiling. 🙂 Yes, that bit of disappointment is there that the challenge has not been achieved yet, but then there is always the next day that encourages me. As I write this, let me tell you that I am on my Day 3 of the walking challenge. I have heard that if you do something for 21 days daily, it becomes a habit.

So, keeping the above statement in mind, I have reset my challenge and broken it into three stages. As per plan, Stage One of my challenge is walking daily for seven days. Once that is done, Stage Two will come into play. That would involve walking again for the next seven days without a break. Once I have completed Stage Two, then Stage Three will beckon me.

As you have already calculated, once I do all the three stages without a break, I would have completed my challenge of walking daily for 45 mins for 21 days! I think I would feel quite happy at that time. 🙂

This is what happens when you set yourself a challenge. The completion gives you complete satisfaction. Non-completion gives you a way out that you can get back into the challenge with your pride intact.

Not many of us challenge our self on anything in our daily existence. Those who do, they reach a place where others begin to look at them with respect and inspiration.


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