What you can learn from a video game

“From a video game? Ya…sure. Why not! I can learn lots from a video game!” 🙂

That’s how I think you would answer my question: “Guess, what you can learn from a video game?”

You have played many video games isn’t it? Yes, I know you have played video games on either one or many platforms. You might have played games either on a PC, an Xbox, PSP (at home or a video game parlour), in a video game arcade, or on your ever-close, ever-precious, always trustworthy feature phone/smartphone.

My first video game


The first video game that I remember seeing was the ever popular ‘Super Mario Bros’. I remember I had gone to some TV showroom with my parents at Camac Street in Calcutta. The year was probably 1988 and that was the first time I saw Super Mario on a Nintendo system. Like any normal person, I couldn’t take my eyes off it as it played out on the screen.

Then I think I started playing this game at some friend’s place more than 25 years back. This was my introduction to the world of video games. Off and on, over the years, I have never stopped playing games. I mean ‘video games’. 🙂 Any other kind of games, well…more or less I have stopped playing those you see. 🙂

I hope, like me, most of you have continued playing video games. You play them whenever you have some free time, or you want to take your mind off other things going on in your mind. The games take you to a different place and for some time, you even forget yourself. The games become your source of relief and release.

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Serious gamers

The more serious among you play video games quite seriously. The games become more than a source of enjoyment for you. They give you a sense of achievement as you continue to cross levels and reach for higher, more difficult levels.

Being a serious gamer, you don’t play the games alone. You also have a set of friends online (connected via Internet) with whom you play as a team, in something called ‘multiplayer’ setting. Playing as a ‘Single Player’ is just practice for you, so that you can play well and be the best player in your team, as you fight it out in ‘Multiplayer’ with other teams, spread anywhere around the world.



Gaming business

If you play video games regularly, you also know that gaming is serious business. Nowadays, big gaming companies use the full marketing arsenal to launch new games for gamers like you. The graphics and game-play of games releasing today into the consciousness of the gaming public are so life-like and real that you get the feeling that you are watching a movie unfold in front of you.

Millions of dollars are spent in developing the next blockbuster game that will be bought and played by millions around the world. There are sequels and prequels to games that are released, just like films, building a huge fan following around the world.

All this is happening around you, who might think that games are just for entertainment. But, as you have read and know, they are big business too.



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Mobile games

But enough of the business of games. Let’s think about the entertainment quotient of games. That is more interesting. You are the casual gamer and play most of your games on your smartphone, don’t you?

But, you find that as you play some popular game, you come across levels, or abilities of game characters that you can pay money and buy to get more entertainment. Most of the time, you ignore those new add-ons, as you are content with what you have for free. You play for entertainment only and that too when you have free time. So, what’s the point of paying serious money for it? This would be your question and I would agree with it by nodding my head.


Kindergarten players

You also know about the very smart kindergarten video game players too. They are the almost five-year-olds who are at ease with your smartphone. They can unlock it and touch their way to the game that they want to play on your smartphone! 🙂

My seven-year-old nephew who is in Class I has been playing games on his mother’s smartphone for almost two years now. He can navigate the phone quite comfortably and download any games from the Internet that he likes. What I came to know today is that he also knows about the media sharing app ‘ShareIt’.

He asked for my smartphone and brought his mom’s smartphone and transferred some game that he liked on my phone on to his mom’s phone using ‘ShareIt’. I looked at him as he did it seriously and I didn’t even shake my head in disbelief. It’s another matter that he later told me that the transferred game is not playing on his mom’s phone and he would have to download it from playstore! 🙂

The world is such today that the young know more about things that matter to them than the older among us. 🙂


Things to learn

Some video games that I have enjoyed playing/am playing on different platforms are Half Life2, Deus Ex Human Revolutions, Hill Climb Racing, Angry Birds, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty (2003 version), Pacman, Spider-man, Candy Crush and Super Mario Bros.

What I find while playing these games are:

—> My concentration is focused

—> My hand and eye coordination is better

—> Sense of achievement and happiness on crossing a level is high

—> Have high expectancy to play again

—> Have level/target-oriented vision

Of course, if you can cultivate such qualities in non-game aspects of your life too, that would be very welcome. However, video games are always there at your service to give you the highest form of entertainment and time-pass (as they say), if that is what you really seek. But they can also teach you better things if you have the inclination and discipline to learn. 🙂

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