Your emotion is the new currency

Here’s a surprise question for you. Which is the most powerful currency in the world today? Without blinking your eye, you would say without any surprise: USD (United States Dollar).

I would have liked to give you the full 100 marks for your answer, but I think I will give you 50 marks only. You are partially right. Yes, USD is the most powerful currency in the world, if you go by statistics alone. But there is something even more powerful than USD which drives business now.

That powerful force, as you already know by now from the headline, is your Emotion. Your Emotion constitutes the other 50% of your marks that I would like to give to you.

Touching Your Emotions

Cadbury 5 Star TV Commercial

Businesses as you know are run by Buy & Sell decisions. It has been proved by marketing research that Information always comes second to Emotion. In other words, as a businessman, you might give the truest information about your product and its benefits to your customer, yet the customer may not buy your product. Instead, if you are wise enough and can understand body language, you will find that your customer buys your product only when he feels the need for it.

The need to buy a product is felt when the product manages to connect with the buyer at some emotional level. If your marketing team can get your product to touch your customer’s emotions and maybe, fill an emotional need, then you get the happy ‘Buy’ decision from your customer.

Consider the Ramesh & Suresh TVC (TV Commercial) for Cadbury 5 Star chocolates. The product attempts to touch you at an emotional level through the characters. The characters show that as soon as they bite into the product, they forget the world they are in and get lost in the feelings of happiness that they derive from having the 5 Star bar. 

Building Business Relationships

First and foremost, businesses are out to create business relationships with you. They want you to buy their products regularly, not just sometimes. They want your money all right, but before that, they really want your emotions. They want you to be connected with the product so that you identify the product as your own. This kind of a business relationship prospers as the emotional connect deepens.

Creating Personal Relationships

Once the business relationship between the buyer and the seller, or the manufacturer and the consumer is established, then the next step comes into the picture. This step is to establish a personal connect with the buying customer. Once your liking for the product is there, then the company creating the product would like to introduce more products that you can use. This would depend on personal preferences and aspirations.

Amazon TV Commercial ‘Aur Dikhao’

The Amazon India TVC ‘Aur Dikhao’ (Show me more) gives the power of choice to the consumer. The company says to the consumer that we understand your emotions well and we know that you are always looking for more options and choices in product range. So, the company highlighted that they have the widest range of products on offer. The personal understanding of the consumer helped the company to create a good emotional connect here.

ad-drfix it
Dr Fixit TV Commercial ‘Sunte nahin ho’

There is also the Dr Fixit Ad with the child shouting at his father ‘Sunte nahin ho’ (Don’t you listen?) in reply when the child is scolded for dirtying the walls with sketches. The child replies with anger that had the father listened to uncle next door and used the company product then the dirty peeling plaster on the walls of their house would not have happened. The TVC drives the emotional message home of listening to good advice.

Keeping in Touch

Companies are also doing their best now to keep in touch with you 24/7. They know that you know about their product as the companies are regularly promoting their product everywhere. They have now gone a step ahead. They want to know how successful they can be in remaining connected with you.

They want your feedback about their product. Most companies earnestly want to know if everything is fine with their product that you are using. They give you platforms to highlight any problems or concerns regarding their product and then attempt to find workable solutions for you.

Money Flows Happily

Once the emotional connect has occurred, then the product sells itself. The company doesn’t have to drill the benefits of the product into the mind of the consumer. The customer buys the product without any hesitation as the trust level has been established.

The promotional product message itself is enough to get the consumer to buy into it, without support of any hard facts. The ‘buy’ happens and money begins to flow happily into the bank account of the product’s company.

mauka mauka ad
2015 ICC Cricket World Cup’s ‘Mauka Mauka’ TV Commercial

The hit TVC titled ‘Mauka Mauka’ of 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup brought into focus the choice of chance (mauka) to win in matches. This TVC continues its successful emotional run in the current ICC World T20 2016 too with its distinct message. The power of emotions becomes the new currency now.

The end message of intelligent businesses today is simple: You can count on us to take care of your needs. And hopefully, we can count on you to remember us when the need arises. 🙂

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