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Write If You Can Write


Can you write? I am just asking if you can write something that any normal literate person will understand.

I am not asking if you can write something profound and meaningful that fills a reader with awe and wonder. If you can do some plain writing that gets the thoughts out of your head, that’s enough.

Now, why do I say that if you can write then you should write. Here are some reasons:

1. Clarity: Once you jot something down, then it begins to clear the mind of excess repetitive thoughts. You begin to have some clarity in your mind about whatever you are writing. This clarity in turn reflects in your action.

2. Fresh wave: Once you start writing then the old begins to give space to new. A fresh perspective of the topic begins to appear like the rising sun in your mind. It makes you feel better inside for having thought of that perspective. Writing brings on a fresh wave of thoughts in your mind and renews your thinking process.

3. Better expression: Once you write, then what you express becomes better. After all, the thoughts and words come together harmoniously and you end up having a better expression.

4. Focused vision: The more you write, the more focussed your vision becomes on things you would like to write on. The randomness that holds centre-stage in your monkey-mind begins to lose its hold on you.

You think of one topic sitting on one mental branch and 15 seconds later you have jumped to another topic that holds your attention. This jumping around on different topics begins to lose power as you write and you become focussed.

5. Discipline: Writing, like any worthwhile pursuit demands focus. Focus only comes when you can exercise discipline in yourself. In other words, when you decide to write on a regular basis, this quality of discipline also begins to grow in you. It gives you a sense of mental stability.

Now, that you got some idea that if you can write, then you should write, another question comes to mind.

What if someone reads your writing and gives you negative feedback, or remains unimpressed with what you have written?

The answer to this can be given with another question: Did you write for some one else or for yourself?

After all, the whole objective of your writing right now is just to gain some initial benefits as listed above. Maybe once you get better at expressing yourself in words then you can show your best writing to your friends for feedback.

Until that time, write if you can write. ☺


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