How am I connected with You

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BLOG CONVERSATIONS: “What has he written? Let me read.”

Am I really connected with you? That’s the first question that I need to answer here.

Who is ‘You’ here? ‘You’ are the reader who has somehow managed to take out some time from your busy schedule and family life and read some words that I have put on this blogpost. By some coincidence and glorious chance, ‘you’ are reading these words I typed on a keyboard and then pressed ‘Publish’ on my blog.

What are the chances of you reading what I have written? I don’t really know. But the odds are very high. Out of the more than 150 million blogs on the Internet written by millions of writers on millions of topics, ‘you’ end up on my blog.

This is a pretty big coincidence that you do end up being a visitor on my blog reading anything here. But, you know what, I don’t believe that things really happen randomly. I like to believe that there is a reason for everything and coincidences happen because they must. I like to believe there is a reason that you are here reading these words.

I like to believe we are connected in some way. I like to believe that somehow in this huge, amazing and unbelievable digital jungle that the Internet is — you have found me and I have found you. 🙂

Probably I was fanning some kind of digital smoke in the air sitting in my corner of the world, on my island and you noticed the smoke signal. You decided to drop in and check out what’s happening on the island. You started taking a walk on the post/pebble strewn beach on my island and picked up a pebble here and there that caught your attention. 🙂

I hope you found something on my island that made some sense to you and maybe reminded you of something happy and hopeful that you had forgotten. I like to keep things on this island here that make sense to me. I put them where I feel they belong. If you notice them, I am happy. If you don’t notice them, then also I am happy as I feel that you might notice them some other day. 🙂

This is why I feel that I am connected with you. That you actually come to my island, walk around bare feet and pick up some things to observe them more closely, is enough for me to assume that there is some mighty purpose behind it all.

On my part, I can assure you that I will continue to sprinkle a variety of things on my island that interest me and are meaningful to me in some way. In your wanderings here, you might find some shiny piece lying somewhere on the island and believe it is valuable. That’s your choice. 🙂

If you feel it’s valuable, you are welcome to take it with you when you leave my island. You can share that piece with others, if you feel like it.

I invite you to come again to my island, whenever it pleases you. You are sure to find some more interesting pieces on the soft white sand. 🙂

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Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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