How You Start Your Day


I hope you have a particular routine on how you start your day. Of course the best way to start your day is having your favourite cup of coffee or tea while sitting near your bedroom window and looking at the garden outside.

But if that is not your way to start your day, or you don’t have the option to have a daily day beginning as mentioned, then you will have to start imagining it. At least you can do that, can’t you? 🙂

Here are some reasons you need to start your day well:

–> To be hopeful for the day ahead

–> To be optimistic that things will get better today

–> To put your well-thought out plans into action

–> To build new relationships and strengthen the old ones

–> To build your health

–> To renew your brain cells with new challenges

–> To take on new challenges that promise personal growth

–> To plan ahead for the coming week and the month

–> To bring new ideas and plans to your place of work and fill your work place with enthusiasm

–> To uplift others around you and cheer them up

These are just some of the reasons, out of the so many, that you can consider in order to start your day well.

Dawn of a new day

Here are some ways on how to start your day:

–> Have your favourite cup of tea or coffee

–> Wish your near and dear ones ‘good morning’ or some other related morning greeting

–> Ignore reading the morning newspaper. Just quickly scan front page headlines if you want. Don’t even read those headlines completely

–> Read some lines from your favourite inspiring book

–> Write down some lines in your personal notebook as soon as some nice, happy and positive thought comes to your mind while sipping your favourite beverage

–> If you use social media channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter then share your happiest uplifting thought with your followers

–> Hum some lines of your favourite song while taking a shower

–> As soon as you see the mirror in the morning, smile for 15 seconds continuously, while looking at yourself in the mirror

–> Look at saved pictures of all your favourite things on your smartphone that you would love to buy. Build a happy feeling inside as you see those pictures

–> Drink 3 glasses of plain water first thing in the morning, even before your morning cup of tea/coffee

–> Exercise for just 15 minutes. Not one minute more. Set a timer while exercising.

–> Ignore the TV. Keep it switched off

–> Read five of your selected affirmations to yourself loudly

–> Inhale and exhale deeply five times. Inhale to the count of four, exhale to the count of 8

–> Have a well-planned, unhurried, nutritious breakfast. After breakfast, do have your health supplements too.

Once you start your day well, you will find that most times, your evening will end with a smile of satisfaction. 🙂

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Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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