Ali Brothers and the First Jihad — A Novel (Chapter Six)

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Chapter 6 — Time for Some Answers


Aazeen stood there in front of the helicopter in the garden. She was still in uniform. Both General Azlaan and Aazeen had come to ‘Hedusha’ — headquarters of Ali Brothers yesterday. They had come to meet Ali Abbas who would soon be coming home to ‘Hedusha’ after a long time.

Ali Mohammad was standing close by in front of a tree talking to someone on his cellphone. General Azlaan and the rest of them – Ali Hasan, Ali Hussain and Saqib were standing close to the building discussing something.

“Why did you come here?” asked Ali Mohammad now. He had finished talking on the phone and was facing Aazeen now.

Aazeen was surprised by this abrupt question. She looked at him for five seconds and said, “I came to see you. I came to know whether I am still welcome in your life.”

This time it was Mohammad’s turn to be surprised. He knew that Aazeen was a forthright person and liked giving clear and honest answers. This was what had drawn him to her in the first place. “I am not sure. There are still a number of things I still think about. Things that should not have happened between us, but they did.”

“It was not in my control. I was doing my duty. I had to do as the General ordered me,” said Aazeen looking at General Azlaan in the distance. Mohammad looked at her and gave a slight smile. “Am I supposed to believe this? You could have said ‘No’, but you didn’t. That was enough for me to want you out of my life.”

Aazeen looked at him with a sad look in her eyes. ‘What could she do to set things right between them again?’ She thought on this seriously for a few seconds, before she got a call from the General to come to him. She looked up at Mohammad, “I had my reasons for doing what I did. But I understand your pain. I wish something could be done to solve this thing between us.” Saying so she walked back to the General.

Saqib called out to Mohammad, “Come on, we have to go back to the ‘Thought Room’. We need some answers here.”


As everyone went back to their closed enclosures, Saqib stood in front the switch panel pressing some buttons. He started asking questions, which everyone could listen and anybody could answer.

Q: Why would Ali Abbas want the ring first thing once he comes to Medusha?
Ali Mohammad: The ring has been with him for generations. He has to remain connected with it as he gets a sense of security and strength from it.

Q: Why did you, Ali Mohammad hide the ring in the tree trunk?
Ali Mohammad: The ring could not be kept in the house. If anyone even wore it accidentally, it would cause harm

Q: Why was Ali Hasan relieved that the ring was out of reach of everyone?
Ali Hasan: Since the ring was very powerful, all remaining Ali Brothers wanted to try out, even though they knew that doing so could be painful.

Q: Why was Ali Mohammad surprised by Ali Hussain’s visit to Medusha despite being not traceable for so many months?
Ali Mohammad: I had started thinking that Ali Hussain will never return to ‘Medusha’. He has always been an important member of Ali Brothers.

Q: How long will this take? This question was asked by Aazeen, who had no clue what was happening around her in Medusha, especially in this underground room.
Saqib: This will take time. There are many questions that still need answers. Once the questions are answered, all of you will be set free. 

“Saqib, if it is alright, I think let’s do this Q&A session later in the day,” said General Azlaan. “There’s still plenty of time left today. We can complete it today.”

Before Saqib could answer anything, the General and Aazeen walked out of the Thought Room. Ali Mohammad, Ali Hasan, Ali Hussain and Saqib kept watching them climbing the stairs and going into the glorious sunlight.

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