Your Reading Habit


It is always good to develop the habit of reading.

Once you are in the habit of reading good books, even good articles in magazines or websites, then it helps you in many ways.

As you read a new author or writer, you get a fresh perspective on life. You get a chance to view life and its myriad twists and turns through new eyes. Often, you might feel after having read something written in the fiction novel or non-fiction piece, that it opened your mind to some new idea.

This new idea took root in your mind and you started developing it and thinking more about it. Slowly, but surely, you find that you got a new improved way of thinking about something. This idea might even get you to develop some new product or service too that would be much appreciated if you are action-oriented. 🙂

And all this is possible once you have the reading habit. The fact is that most of us get so busy in our own thoughts and lives after leaving school or college, that we lose contact with our books. Those banks of knowledge that had given you so much in your school life and after-school now lie ignored in some forgotten shelf or almirah in your house.

But, even if you don’t take them out and clear the dust they have accumulated, you can still order some new books from online websites or your favourite bookshop. Attending book fairs in your city, if they are organized are also great ways to keep those ideas fresh in your mind, as the eyes can sift through so many fresh new book covers on display in such fairs.

I keep reading some book or the other. For the past three years now, my mind has shifted from reading physical books to reading digital books.

Yes, I am talking about ebooks. I buy books online and then download them to my Kindle App on my smartphone and read them there. I have finished quite a few thick fiction and non-fiction books this way. I also read PDFs of books that are available online on my Adobe Acrobat reader installed on my phone.

I always have a collection of 6-7 unread books on my phone that I keep reading a page or two daily, whenever I sense some free time with me.

When you have a reading habit, then you should also develop a note-taking habit. In other words, you should have a small notebook close by when you are reading so you can take notes of ideas coming in your mind as you read the words. You can also underline sentences that make sense to you.

Since I read my books digitally, I highlight texts in Kindle that are important for me for easy reference later. In PDFs also this facility is there. Often, I select text and copy it into a note-taking app that I have on my phone and copy it there.

Point is, your reading habit has many benefits. Even if you don’t plan to be a writer, you can always be a good thinker as a result of reading good books. 🙂

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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