How You Treat Your Body


I am under the impression that how I treat my body is how life treats me.

In other words, my thinking says that if you treat your body well, then there is a high chance that life will treat you well. This also means that if you are not treating your body well, then it follows that life too may not be too inclined to treat you well.

What does it mean? It’s about an attitude, I guess. Consider what your body is doing for you from the moment you open your eyes in the morning and come back to Earth from your dream land.

Your body carries you everywhere that you want to go. It takes you to work, important meetings with colleagues, friends, family, acquaintances, even strangers. It does whatever you tell it to do. All that your body asks of you is energy in the form of some food or water at certain times of the day or night.

You provide the body with food and water, it gets the required energy and you are good to go again. The body doesn’t bother you with all the intricate and sophisticated details of how it functions. It just allows you to do your work without disturbing you. But if you only knew all those amazing things your body does to function at its most optimal level, most probably your brain wouldn’t even understand it. At the most, your brain would be amazed by how extraordinary your body is.

And yet, you take your amazing body for granted. You ignore it completely, till it gently reminds you that it needs to replenish its energy sources. It taps your mind softly to let you know that it is time to give it food and water.

Later, as you embrace life more and more and ignore your body in the same ratio, your body comes to the point that it gives you a push. You stumble. Life looks on at you. It understands and agrees with why the body did what it did.


The body that you get when you are born, in majority of cases, is brand new, free from any defects. Your parents take appropriate care of your body in the initial years. As a newborn, your mind is young and still absorbing the world around you. You are unable to take care of yourself then. At that time you have just one ability as a child — cry your eyes out when you want to call attention to something.

As you grow up, you begin to be more aware about your body. You learn basic things about your body and how you need to keep it away from unnecessary physical harm. Once you grow older, life takes you up in its arms and throws you up and down. Just like when you were a child and some elder uncle or aunty with strong arms would throw you up in the air and you would smile widely or emit your baby laugh as you came down.

But, in life, you are not really laughing much when you are coming down. And at each such stage, your body stayed with you 24/7. Your mind developed, your body grew with you.

Now, something started happening as you grew older and started stepping into later stages of life. You stopped caring much for your body. I have to assert here that “yes, you did stop”. You carried on dealing with your life by putting your physical body in auto-mode in its default setting. The body continued doing its duty…till it could not.

Proper Care

Why did we stop taking care of our body as we grew older? As children, you did care for your body in an unconscious manner. You played and ran and ate when you were hungry. Most of your life tensions were left on the responsible shoulders of your parents or guardians.

But, years on, the body could not take it anymore. Discomfort, lifestyle diseases (to borrow from the current fashionable phrase) and even lack of proper sleep took hold of your body. You kept pushing your body, but it would not move smoothly as it did, when you were young. What happened here?

Lack of exercise, lack of proper & nutritious food and increase in worries & anxieties began to hurt your body badly. As you grew older, your best friend was not your best friend anymore. Your good doctor who could help your ailing body became your best friend — in a way.

Life Ahead

Your childhood’s perfect body after years of neglect is now a battered body with many scars that in turn clouds your vision of a happy life. Is there a way out towards a better life?

Maybe there is. Maybe, it is still not too late to regain worthwhile bits of that happy life with some strong discipline and habits. Maybe, if you stop putting your body on auto-mode and start taking care of it consciously, then it might just reverse the slide that impacts you mentally too.

For starters, if you take active action like regular exercise that the body wants, eat healthy food at the right time, drink healthy drinks and get enough sleep that your body craves for — then you have a chance for a better life.

Some wise man did say that your body is a temple in which the presiding deity is You. Keep the temple clean and You will be happy. Once the presiding deity is happy, then quite a few of your wishes still have a chance to be granted in this life. 🙂

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. Hi Raza,read ur article on how u treat ur’s a well articulated article..i totally agree with u..if we r conscious of our precious body..n nuture it with balanced diet,regular exercise n proper would remain healthy n be long as well.I liked ur concept where u have called the body’TEMPLE’ n we as it’s ‘DEITY’..We should worship this deity..CONGRATS 😊☺.One more feather is added to ur 👒. ….👍👍👌👌

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