The Decisions That You Don’t Make


Decisions…decisions…decisions. Every day is full of decisions.

The life that you choose daily is composed of so many small, big, or biggest decisions that you can make. Sometimes you wonder, what if, there was a way not to make a decision and still get the work done. What a great way that would be, wouldn’t it? 🙂

And yet, there are times when you don’t take a decision. You feel that not taking a decision is the better choice for the current moment. Based on what you have been advised and what you have accepted, you feel that it is better to maybe, postpone taking that decision. Let things be, as they say.

But, here’s the thing. Even if you have postponed the decision for another day, there’s still something about the issue that remains stuck at the back of your invisible mind. It pops up into your awareness automatically. Probably, your unconscious mind keeps processing that decision postponement quietly. Softly, your mind may even tell you whether you should have or should not have postponed that decision.

You ignore all that inner working of your mind until there comes a moment in future when that decision has to be made again. Now what do you do?

How many times can you delay it again? How many more reasons can persuade you to postpone your decision again? What about all the advice from your well-wishers who urge you to think in the same direction again, as you did the last time?

The Beautiful Life

Now friends, this is the beauty of life. Life is vast and beyond comprehension for the tiny human mind, which itself is pretty vast and amazing, I accept. 🙂

But then there are limitations of the conscious mind. The mind that consciously thinks for you can only assess so many paths or ways or methods or permutations and combinations. There’s a limit to what the thinking mind can know and process. But life…that is limitless. Life knows more about things, about you, than you would ever know about yourself.

Life runs through everyone like a golden umbilical cord connecting each one of us. Life assisted by nature keeps the chaos under control. Even though to the thinking mind, everything looks chaotic in the outside world, yet life knows better. This is why life continues to guide and vibrate and breathe inside us with such force and vitality.

When decisions are not made, life looks at us with a smile. Life knows. When you know deep inside that some decision has to be made and you don’t make that decision, life remains sympathetic to you at that time. Life quietly allows you to live that moment of not taking the decision.

But then future comes and life is there standing right in front of you yet again. Life has always stood daily for you every morning waiting to hear your decisions for the day. Now, that important day has come, when life stands resolute and determined in front of you. You sense that this is the day when life will not let you postpone the decision.

You have to take the decision, says your mind now. You must take that decision today, says life. And you take that decision.

Life smiles. You may not. But life knows that the decision had to be taken. You took it without worrying too much about the consequences. Life is satisfied. You are satisfied.

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  1. I liked the 2nd paragraph titled’BEAUTIFUL LIFE ‘as it is artistically framed .Life runs through everyone like a golden umbilical cord connecting each one of the highlight of the article according to me.I liked ur concept of personifying’LIFE ‘.let’s not postpone any decisions n take a step forward in deciding irrespective of its consequences.Good article. .😊☺

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