How Do You Stop



This seems to be a plain enough question: How do you stop?

The question is not ‘How do you stop X, Y or Z’. The question is personal in nature, in that, it asks a version of how you stop doing something that you know you should not continue.

For example, I am trying a light version of a diet. It’s a kind of an experiment where I intend to reduce a bit of weight by keeping a sharp watch on what I am eating. For almost past three weeks, I have been vigilant in taking care of eating less and not filling my stomach.

But often I have observed that whenever some dish that I like more than others is cooked, I end up eating more. At the very moment that my hand is reaching out to take another serving of that dish, I know I am ignoring my version of dieting. I am not stopping myself. I am not dieting.

Point is why is it so easy for me and maybe even you, to so easily ignore the action that you have decided to take. It maybe a small action, but your mind over-ruled it for the immediate reward.

Where is that discipline that you need to exhibit when you mentally decide at the spur of the moment, that you will do something, even though you have decided not to do it? What more is needed to instill a sense of more seriousness about your chosen mode of action?

In such personal situations, only you are accountable for your decision and action and it is only you that gets to judge whether what you decided to do is good or not.

Self-accountability, self-discipline, self-control — these are three qualities that need to be cultivated inside one’s character. If you can suitably exhibit these three qualities and emerge successful in your self-assessment, then it shows that you have a great future ahead.

If I can control myself and take my hand away from not picking up something I know I should avoid while I am dieting, then it makes me stronger. When I feel stronger, then I can reinforce this strength in my mind and absorb it anytime for use later.

I think this is how you too can stop, if you are not stopping, when you should be. Tap into your reserves of self-discipline and self-control and show yourself that you are much bigger than that sudden impulse that grabs hold of you and makes you do something that you had made clear that you would not do.

For me, I seem to be telling myself often that when tomorrow comes, I’ll be in complete self-control right from breakfast time. But I can assure you, this impulse inside you, that over-rides your firm decision about something, can be taken care of with force of habit.

Someone has said that a human being is a creature of habit. So, if you can develop a better habit that helps you exercise self-control and makes you stop, you would be among those who are ready to take their destiny into their own hands. Others…well, they remain chained to their boss of impulsive, unwanted choices.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. The picture used in this article is perfect n nice..even the child seems to be taking time in deciding whether to eat an apple or an ice-cream….He also seems puzzled n confused like elders.. 😊☺

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