The Art of Selling Your Writing


Life is art dressed in a variety of colourful, shiny, flouroscent, light and dark costumes. Living life to its fullest is an art. Many simply breathe away their life treating it as routine and unexceptional and leave.

But there are those too who don’t simply breathe, but fight to live and make a mark and feel fulfilled in life, before it is time to leave. These are the select few who understand at a deeper level that life is an art form that needs to be lived with care and mindfulness.

Top painters, scientists, teachers, engineers, accountants, doctors, businessmen, entertainers, including writers and all other classes of really qualified people serving humanity are artists at their core. They are providing something of value, in return for which they are being paid good money.

There are eager buyers for such sellers of quality service. The buyer understands the value that a high quality service-giver brings to the table.

Marketing words

Consider the writer who is much sought-after by the publisher. The publisher wants that able writer to sign on the dotted line of a contract, so that his words can tempt money to flow in the publisher’s direction. This is because the writer creates an alluring map of words that many readers want to travel on the map and experience the journey with the writer.

If you are a writer, then your only challenge after having completed your piece of writing is to find readers. The more readers you are able to reach, the more value you begin to accumulate in the minds of many. And here comes the art of selling your writing.

The creation of a valuable painting or a piece of imaginative fiction and its marketing and selling has to go together in order for it to touch the lives of many. Leave out one for the other and the delicate relationship of the value-giver and the value-receiver gets broken.

In 21st century, all valuable creators have come to the same conclusion. The value they provide with so much heart needs to get into the hands of the buying connoisseur. The writer today has to think in terms of donning the suit of a savvy businessman too. Simply writing and expecting it to sell will not cut it.

So, what exactly is the Art of Selling Your Writing, if you are a writer? Here are some pointers I am learning as I travel along on this journey. These pointers are just the proverbial commas in valuable sentences that mark the great paragraph of the writing life.

–> CONFIDENCE: As a writer, you have to first know confidently that your words can create value for a buyer of your words. Once you know for sure that you can be valuable then you have taken the first important step.

–> CONTACT: As a writer, once you understand your self-worth, you now have to reach out and contact prospective buyers of your words. You can be creative and imaginative in listing out categories of people who might be helped by your art.

–> CONVINCE: As a writer, you are convinced of your value. Your first contact with a buyer has to lead you to convincing him of your value.

–> CASH VALUE: As a writer, you have to put a cash value figure on your value. Once the buyer of your words is convinced of your value, the first question he would like to ask is: How much?

–> SMALL STEPS: As a writer, you built your art gradually. In the same way, once the buyer of your words agrees to your figure you place on your value, you take small steps in the art of reaching out.

–> NOW ‘NO’: As a writer, as more buyers of your words get in line to pay your value, you begin to get recommended more. As you increase in demand, your cash value figure should go higher and you should start saying ‘No’ to buyers who are hesitant to offer you your revised value. This helps brings those in your life who are ready to offer you your revised value to get more of your value.

As I said, these are just some pointers that I can offer to you from my side of the garden. I am tending my garden of words to the best of my ability so it can flower and bloom and please.

If you want to have your own garden, then you need to start tending to it wisely, so that many would like to take a walk in it. 🙂

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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