I Saw You Again

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There you were standing between the flowers with questions in your eyes.

The piercing above your upper lip was like a shining full stop blazing on your face.

The hair swept to one side was done while you thought deeper about something.

The ring on your hand was chosen with care for a reason.

Your bow-shaped lips want to open up to utter the betrayal you feel.

The dainty wavy hat covers your hair softly to convey a message.

The kohl-lined eyes are filled with determination to get to the truth.

The hand that grasps the hair seeks the same flowers it hasn’t received for long.

The black-stringed necklace that hangs from the neck has an untold story.

The eyebrows that never merged have been plucked clean of doubt.

The happy plants around you seek answers about your presence.

The eyes carry on asking questions that should have been asked long back.

I saw you today after so many days.

I wanted to see you again for so long.

Your presence in front of me does make me weak in the knees.

But your eyes fill me with questions for which I have no answers.

Why did you come again today?

You are like that stone that is thrown in the still waters of my heart.

The waves come pushing towards me breaking on the rocks of my illogical mind.

Won’t you say something to let me know that I deserve to hear your voice?

I won’t understand if you stand there saying not a word.

I dare not come closer should you choose to step further away.

That you have come is the coming of Spring for me.

But now I should walk myself back out of the garden.

My mind plays tricks on me to make me suffer.

You were never there for me but as a beautiful memory never forgotten.

Good bye and good tidings to you.

Wish I can someday be as true as you.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. The most beautiful lines of the poem-i wanted to see u for so long,ur presence infront of me makes me weak in the knees,,u r like that stone which is thrown into the still waters of my heart,u were never there for me but as a beautiful memory never forgotten and most painful- line-i dare not come closer u should choose to move further away..Nice effort through this composition-i

  2. This poem is painful..It seems to be telling an unsucceessful story about two lovers..It ends at an unpleasant n unsatisfied note..The pic.chosen for the depiction of the girl could be of a prettier girl..i felt..Sad tale told through this ‘unrhymed poem’

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