What You Can Learn From a Fiction Writer


Is life fact or fiction? There are many who would vigorously exclaim that life is fact.

But then, you might come across so many life stories in news reports, online blogs/websites, or feature articles in magazines and even TV reports, that you shake your head and exclaim: ‘Is this for real? Is this fact or fiction?’

Wherever there is fiction to be found, you will find a writer somewhere close by. And when that fiction engrosses you with its twists and turns, you know that the writer has done a commendable job.

Let me give you a brief glimpse of some things you can learn from a good fiction writer.

1. End the Story: A good fiction writer works with the end in mind. He knows where his story is headed and then takes all the ingredients and pushes them towards that end. Learning tip: You learn the importance of knowing the expected end of your objective.

2. Memorable Characters: A good fiction writer has a bank of characters for his novel. He develops them for a reason. Even the smallest of character with a single line mention is important for the writer, as it moves the story forward.
Learning tip: Even the most insignificant person touching your life in any way, is there for a reason.

3. Parallel World: A good fiction writer creates a new parallel world with his story. He builds it to his satisfaction and then decides to sell it to a publisher.
Learning tip: Live in the positive expectation of your own life, even though ‘facts’ might be different. Live in your own parallel amazing world.

4. Back story: A good fiction writer has a back story on all his characters. He knows them well.
Learning tip: Know deeper about different aspects of your own life and how they are connected towards reaching your own objective.

5. Twists and Plots: A good fiction writer has a number of interesting twists and turns in his story, so that readers remained glued to the story.
Learning tip: The twists in life may be constant, but the important thing is that those who support you in any way remain convinced about your uniqueness.

6. Character Conflict: A good fiction writer has principle characters in his novel that exhibit strong qualities. These qualities are sternly tested when faced with a major conflict.
Learning tip: Be strong to handle the rough situations in life.

7. Villain Role: A good fiction writer will always have one major villain who will be out to corner the main characters.
Learning tip: There might be someone out t0 see you fail in your objective. But you can be strong and handle this villain’s role with care.

8. Choose your words: A good fiction writer drafts his story carefully using the right words that convey what has to be conveyed.
Learning tip: If you want to lead a successful life, then you can choose to use your words carefully.

9. Chapter length: A good fiction writer understands that his story is divided into chapters. He decides how long the chapters dealing with different issues have to be in order to develop the story well.
Learning tip: Know how much time you really need to give to any issue in your life to resolve it. Once resolved, move on to dealing with the next one.

10. Dialogue sheet: A good fiction writer writes good relevant dialogues for his characters to interact with each other. The dialogues bring to life the inner nature and attitude of the character and helps move the story forward.
Learning tip: As you play different roles in your life, be sure to have the right dialogues to go with those roles as you successfully connect with others in your life.

The life of a fiction writer is no different from yours or mine. The only difference lies in the fact that the fiction writer is acutely observant of life and then attempts to mirror that life in his fiction.

On the other hand, you and I, we just paddle along in our busy life in shallow water, without being too bothered to swim into its deeper, more fulfilling end.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. The best point about thr article is its connection of the main points with learning tip.which is most useful to lead a meaningful n fulfilling life.If human beings would set targets to achieve their goals in life n strive hard for it..success would follow soon.😊☺Good effort.👍

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