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A Century of Blogposts for You


Blogging, like any other writing activity demands thought. You cannot blog without giving some thought to what you are going to write. Once the writing is done, then you press the ‘Publish’ button.

It has been three years since I have been blogging. It has been an interesting journey so far. Best part is that I have not taken this journey alone. You, dear reader, have been with me all along, as I have walked the path step by step, day by day and blogpost by blogpost.

On March 30, 2016 I was told by my blogging company that I had hit a century in blogging. Yes, that’s right. I have written and published more than 100 blogposts so far. This one is blogpost number 105. ๐Ÿ™‚

blog-100 posts

The notification above informing me of what I have managed to do

My Blogging Journey Started in 2013

It was in the year 2013 that I decided to have my own writing platform. I had a few thoughts that I felt I needed to share with people. So, I decided that I would write and self-publish my words on a personal blog.


My blog statistics of 2013

As you can see from the statistics above, I published 15 posts in 2013. The total number of visitors to my blog during the year were 308. Whenever I thought something was taking hold of my mind, I decided to share it with you via a blogpost.

Blogging inย 2014

I carried on with my blogging journey the next year in 2014. I was more forceful in putting my thoughts in front of you. I wrote 33 posts during the year, which showedย the total visitor count on the blog going up to 956.


My blog statistics of 2014

Blogging in 2015

For some reason last year in 2015, blogging remained at the back seat. Probably, I focused on other things and ignored active online writing. Last year, I wrote and published 9 posts only on my blog through the year. Yet, my visitor count for last year was 869. Underline this visitor data as an online mystery that you can take your time to solve. I don’t have the inclination to do so.


My blog statistics of 2015

Blogging in 2016

In 2016, again for some reason I decided to become more active in thinking, writing and publishing my thoughts with all of you. In fact, such isย the writing push inside so far, that since February this year, I have written and published blog posts on my blogย at a persistent pace. For the opening three months of this year, I have written and published 66 postsย so far. This has resulted in the visitor count going up toย 801 till now in 2016.


My blog statistics of 2016

What does all this data about my writing/blogging mean to you? It simply means one thing. I made a choice to write and publish it for the world to see. I have written on topics that have interested in me in the hope that you too would have taken some value from my expressions.

As any other self-respecting blogger would say, I too add to it that when I wrote my first blog post, I was not looking at reaching a century of posts. All I wanted was a place where I could write what I want, without some overseeing authority waiting to veto my writing

At the very core, I am doing this writing for myself. Thisย writing is not a point that I want to prove to anyone or to myself. This is just about realising my strength, which is writing and then making a conscious effort to make my writing better. My current blog statistics (given below) over a period of three years, goes to show that I have managed to connect with some of you.

blog-so far

My blog statistics since 2013 to date

This blogging is my way of practicing the art of writing. With such practice, I hope I can be a much better writer and be counted among the better writers who have used the power of words with care, consideration and precision.


4 comments on “A Century of Blogposts for You

  1. Manika khanna
    April 5, 2016

    Heartiest congratulations dear RAZA,for having blogged 105 articles uptil now..u r surely a persistent writer n with ur perseverance,dedication n urge for writing. will surely make an ‘indelible mark i”n the field of creative writing.U r a good writer for sure,who with his simplicity of style n precision n accuracy of words is creating a place in his reader’s mind.

  2. Sayeed
    April 5, 2016

    Reading blogs regularly and brushing up my English…

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