Thinking Tree

girl leaning against a tree

She leaned against me with some heavy thoughts in her mind.

She was light so I could give support to her frame that felt kind.

I have been standing along the river bank for sixty years.

I have never seen such a maiden with golden locks around her ears.

A light smile played on her lips as she remembered things.

A bird sat on me with nothing but a joyful heart that sings.

So long have I seen the river flow past me carrying things willingly.

So does the maiden near me who carries so much inside her unwillingly.

Cares of the world hardly affect my leaves too much as they wither away.

Cares of the world do affect this maiden this evening as it closes the day.

The bark that covers me has seen many gusts of the wind and swirls in the river.

The years that define the maiden haven’t seen much as I sense her slight shiver.

Her inner strength that leaps off her I can sense through my withered trunk.

Her calm seems to come from her destiny that has never appeared drunk.

What joy it would be if she built a cottage near me close to the river bank.

What happiness she would feel here as she could empty her mind blank.

My leaves would gently sway down to land on her wavy hair.

My roots would make the ground firm to give her a strong step everywhere.

The sky above would reflect in the water below as would her reflection.

The time would come when she would understand the world better as she would pay more attention.

But for now she has to leave me at my post near the river.

But she will come again to me as her unselfish heart will always remember a giver.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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