Once you take on the writing life, then slowly but surely you start to tentatively introduce yourself as a ‘writer’ to anyone who asks: ‘So, what do you do?’

You take those initial, hesitant steps early on, and when you are on a more experienced ground, your voice too becomes stronger. It becomes easier then to let others know that you are a writer. You feel as if you now have the strength necessary to carry the responsibilities that go with being known as a writer.

Moreover, there is also this difference that exists in perception. On one hand there is the ‘writer’ who seems to be on a higher pedestal, and then there is the ‘freelance writer’, who may not be in the same league as a ‘writer’. But then, these are distinctions given by others. To the writer, he remains one who can play with words and use words as tools to build things that he likes or what others like.

In my case, let me call myself a ‘freelance writer’ for now. I write for myself also which is true, but I write what others also want me to write.

With this in mind, I have written quite a few articles in newspapers and different magazines over the past few years. I have also done writing on blogs and websites.

Latest Magazine Article

My new magazine article that I wanted to share with you has appeared in the latest April 2016 issue of Harmony magazine that is published from Mumbai. Titled ‘UP gets strong tourism push at Uttar Pradesh Travel Mart 2016’, it is an article I wrote for an event organized by Uttar Pradesh Tourism in partnership with FICCI in February this year.

Harmony-April 2016Harmony-April 2016-1Harmony-April 2016-2Harmony-April 2016-3

Contact Renewed

I was contacted in February this year by the Harmony Magazine asking if I am still writing. You see I am on their list of writers who have contributed articles for them. Last I wrote for them was published in 2007. So, almost 8 years later, they contacted me on their own with the proposal for this topic.

I said ‘yes’ to them, as this article was really just an extension of a series of advertorials I had already done on the theme of achievements of Uttar Pradesh government. And since UP Tourism is another important department of the state government, so I knew that I could handle the topic.

I did my reading on this topic and checked out the social media pages of UP Tourism on Facebook and Twitter. I also checked out news reports about this event and the website of the UP government and the event website. Based on this initial research, I managed to have enough material to create this article.

Once it was written at my end, it was sent for approval at government level and then at the magazine’s editorial level. After getting clearance from both places, the article was published in the April 2016 issue of Harmony magazine. This magazine is circulated nation-wide in India and is available at all leading news-stands and book sellers.

Now, I am starting work on another article for the magazine. Will let you know once that comes out. 🙂

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. Heartìest congratulations for ur article in the magazine ‘HARMONY’.It’s an interesting article on U.P
    tourism,which will surely give a good push to the tourism.Like many other states..Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan..if U.P.also focusses its attention on tourism…it will add on its revenue earned by foreign travelllers..Tourism is a ‘thriving industry’.All the best for ur next up-coming article.😊☺👍👍

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