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Three Kinds of Writers at Your Service

Let me tell you about three kinds of writers in the world today. They are all there quietly working with their words and building something that is needed for someone.

You do know that writers are like carpenters. Just like carpenters shape the wood into structures and objects with their handy tools, in the same way writers too shape things. The handy tool for a writer is a collection of words.

Whether he uses those words to build something that he personally wants, or she uses those words to build something someone else wants — the objective is the same. Build a construction that satisfies.

Different Writers


What is the first question that you have inside your head, when someone says ‘I am a writer’? I guess it would be: ‘Really?! What does he write?’

To answer that, I have to let you in on something more important. You have to understand that there isn’t just one kind of a writer. Actually there are three different kinds of writers operating their art in different corners of the world.

1. The Fiction Writer: Most of you know about this kind of writer. After all, if you are a reader, then you have a favourite writer. That writer, in most cases, is a fiction writer. Someone who writes stories, someone who imagines stories and then puts them into words and presents them to the world in the form of a book.

In this category I have a few favourite writers that I can remember offhand. They are Alistair MacLean, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Robert Ludlum, George Orwell, Enid Blyton, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and obviously The JK Rowling. 🙂

They are all remembered as fiction writers who managed to create such imaginary worlds and characters that their writing has become their legacy which they have left/will leave for generations to come.

The fiction writer prefers to work from his imagination. He prefers to create characters that seem to want to come out of her mind. The characters keep nagging a fiction writer to get them out of his mind and on to a page or a computer screen. There is no peace for such a writer till the story is finally out and the characters have settled into the story comfortably. The happiness for such a writer comes from the fact that finally, that irritating nagging inside her head has stopped and she can have a more peaceful sleep. 🙂


2. The Non-Fiction Writer: Not too many of you know about this kind of writer. But still there are quite a few of you who have picked up some non-fiction book that you saw in the local library or market bookshop and flipped through the pages. You found the book interesting and you also remembered that other people had recommended that non-fiction book. As a result, you ended up buying this book.

In other words, this non-fiction book was written by a non-fiction writer. These are writers who write their books in the category of Personal Development, Food & Cuisine, Health, Psychology, History, Science, Technology and other topics. Some of my favourite non-fiction writers are Robin Sharma, Dr Wayne Dyer, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, Anita Moorjani, Dr Eben Alexander, PMH Atwater and others I don’t remember now, even though I have read their books.

The non-fiction writer writes a book based on his life experience. This kind of writer shares his personal insight and the essence of something important that he has understood doing some experiment or activity. He shares his gained knowledge with his readers and hopes that the readers can benefit in some practical way from his book.


3. The Freelance Writer: Very few of you know about this kind of a writer. Currently, I am this kind of a writer. Why don’t many of you know about this kind of a writer? There’s only one reason. They are using their words to promote someone else, to help someone else and to be instantly useful to someone else.

In other words, they are quietly working for others and earning a living by getting payment for their service. Yes, this kind of writer, the freelance writer, is a professional for hire. He is ready to write for you, take care of all your writing needs and make your life easy by doing the job for you. All you need to do is to make a fair payment to her for her writing service.

I don’t have any favourite freelance writer. But there are many wonderful and brilliant freelance writers out there who I look up to. I am learning the art of freelancing by reading their blogposts and checking out their online websites.

These freelance writers are contributing in many roles that include magazine writers, content writers, blog writers, speech writers, slogan writers, copywriters, article writers and essay writers. Freelance writers have a list of clients who are giving them work regularly for which they get paid and the cycle goes on.

Interestingly, quite a few freelance writers after a period of time take on the role of non-fiction book writers or fiction writers. They stop being client-writers and just write for themselves, with the occasional client work now and then.

They are waiting

These three different kinds of writers are all out there waiting to serve you in their own particular way. You might say that you don’t really need them or their words. But then, in order to confidently say such a thing: You will have to be blind or be illiterate. Why?

Because if you do read a word written anywhere,
Then remember it was written by a writer somewhere.


2 comments on “Three Kinds of Writers at Your Service

  1. Manika khanna
    April 11, 2016

    All the best’Mr.Freelance writer ‘..hope you enjoy your work and put in ur full dedication in serving ur professional’s also.hoped that ur readers are enjoying the reading of ur write-ups as much as u r emjoying..creating them..A very bright &successful future is awaiting u..carve ur own place in this field& emerge as a well known writer.😊☺👍👍

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